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10 months ago

The Fine Art Of Surviving The Near Future.

Jim Murray · My son, who is one of the more pragmatic people in my life, came over today to drop some stuff off and have a bit of a chat. · We talked about a number of different things, and eventually the conversation got around to the Covid pandemic, which I call the Plague. · One of the tra ...

2 years ago

The Fine Line Between Passion & Obsession

Jim Murray · The way we move though life is powered in part by a series of revelations. We move from one revelation to the next based on our accumulated wisdom, such as it is. · We accumulate this wisdom in many ways: from the world around us, and the way our senses perceive things, from the ...

3 years ago

The Fine Art Of Being Happy In A Fucked Up World

Jim Murray · The majority of my blogging tends to be instructional or experiential as opposed to intentionally inspirational. · There’s no really specific reason for this. It’s just the way things happen around here. It’s all based on my belief that I know what I know and that’s all I really ...

4 years ago

The Fine Art of Finding Your Own Rhythm. Some Suggestions.

Jim Murray · This post is part of the apparently endless series entitled. “Reflections on Being A Writer In The 21st Century”. I say endless not because it’s an inexhaustible topic, but simply because I have not yet seen the end. · I have been a writing since I was 17. · Bit by bit, over the ...

5 years ago

The Fine Art Of Coaching Yourself – Self Satisfaction.

Jim Murray · This may or may not be the first in a series of posts on being your own coach. We’ll see how it goes. · I’ve been a professional writer all my adult life and one of the most important things I have learned is never to be 100% satisfied with anything you have done. · It Can Always ...

5 years ago

The Fine Art of Finding Your Own Rhythm...Some Suggestions

Jim Murray · This is the umpteenth post in a series I started last year entitled: Reflections On Being A Writer In The 21st Century. · Other posts in this series are available on my LI Pulse archive page: · You can spot them by the banner pic, which is the same the one you see above. I'm i ...

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