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1 year ago

Christmas Magic

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman · the eve of all eves · sleigh bells jingle happy tunes · reindeer take notice · Santa’s crew at work · beckoning reindeer and elves · readying the sleigh · stars twinkle brightly · carolers sing songs of joy · and holiday cheer · reunions brew as · kindred souls share blissful tho ...

1 year ago

My poem “Ode to Halloween” published on Spillwords Press Oct. 22, 2021

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman · Once upon a spooky Halloween · nightmares consume sweet lullabies · frightful silhouettes assault · an unsuspecting moon · whilst din breaks silence · witches cast spells · as darkness · fills the · night · ghosts · goblins · fools and ghouls · bats and black cats · the darkness ...

1 year ago

Anything New?

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman · another day of oddities and surprises · mother nature dittos her wrath · angered winds leave a destructive path · yep, the weather continues to amaze · fickleness is obvious its intent is hazed · the population grows so do our woes · invasions, famines, strikes, and disease · sad ...

1 year ago


Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman · secrets awakened by an autumn breeze · their lullaby once a safe haven · rise up as whispers in the trees · drifting hither and yonder · morphing as amber leaves · falling to the ground · renewing cause · secrets heard · loud and · clear · Franci Eugenia Hoffman · Franci enjoyed ...

1 year ago

Dwelling of Affection

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman · this home · its bones honed · over time with · warmth in each · niche and corner · filled with affectionate · recollections in · each step taken · whether trod or · in thought · a haven over · our head or · sentiments of security · in our psyches · a home filled · with adoration ...

1 year ago

My Cat

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman ·   · Callie - adopted 2/14/2020My cat sits on the window sill · My cat sits on the window sill ·  Watching the birds and bees fly by · They flit and flutter in the sky · Her antics more than meet the eye · Watching the birds and bees fly by ·  My cat she lets out such a sigh · My ...

1 year ago


Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman ·   · garbage in and · garbage out · news, views and · who’s who · scribbles, scrawls and · artsy walls · guffaw guffaw · chaos, drama and · the me too’s · the hefty ante · sweetens the pot · living on the edge · safe or sorry · guffaw guffaw · life’s show and tell · makes one wear ...

1 year ago

My Poem NATURE’S MEDLEY Published on Spillwords Press July 21, 2021

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman · flower moon blooming · spirits dance with budding stars · embracing desire · and the dawn begins · a playful sun shares its warmth · paradise nearing · the marmalade gold · daybreak yields warmth to the earth · raindrops fall soothing · skyward gaze idle · yonder moon and stars s ...

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  • EXP

    Spécialiste en estimation

    Found in: Talent CA - 14 hours ago

    EXP Longueuil, Canada Full time

    Chez EXP, nous sommes animés par le désir de concevoir des solutions innovantes destinées aux milieux bâtis et naturels du monde entier. Nous sommes une firme de génie-conseil d'envergure internationale au sein de laquelle ingénieures et ingénieurs, urbanistes, architectes et aut ...

  • Epsilon Solutions Ltd.

    SAP Program Manager

    Found in: Appcast CA Premium - 1 week ago

    Epsilon Solutions Ltd. Canada

    Role: SAP Program Manager / Delivery Manager (Pharma / Clinical Trial) · Location: Canada – Remote · Duration: Contract · IT Program Manager Job Description · The IT Program Manager (PGM) is responsible for organizing programs that are managed by the IT PMO. The PGM is tasked w ...

  • Jefo

    Opérateur(trice) de machine

    Found in: Talent CA - 3 days ago

    Jefo Saint-Hyacinthe, Canada

    Description · Postes de jour et soir à combler. Horaire de jour : 07:00 à 16h00 · Horaire de soir : 16h00 à 00h30 · Jefo est un chef de file mondial dans le domaine des solutions nutritionnelles non-médicamenteuses de haute précision. Fondée en 1982 au Canada, l'entreprise c ...

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