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7 months ago

65 is still young

Royce Shook · I posted about this a few months ago, asking the question how do you define old? My answer was/is “Anyone who is 10 years older than me is old.” · The World Health Organization before it declared 2020-2030 the decade of Healthy Ageing looked at the ageing and asked How old is old ...

1 year ago

How Old is Old?

Royce Shook · 65 Years old is still young! · How old is old? World Health Organisation (WHO) had declared that 65 years old is still considered young. Before, based on the Friendly Societies Act (1875) in Britain, old was defined by the age of 50. The UN has not adopted a standard criterion bu ...

4 years ago

How do we define old age?

Royce Shook · The only constant is change. As we change, we have to make many adjustments, and these may be unsettling. So, I started thinking about age and wondered how we in the world, define old age. · From the United Nations I found this: “Most developed world countries have accepted the c ...

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