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5 years ago

Riding Shotgun: Another excerpt and another unabashed appeal for support

don kerr · My Kickstarter campaign has entered its second week and while the first week was encouraging (reached 21% of my goal), there is still a way to go before I can confidently move forward to publication. · My book, Riding Shotgun, was written with men in mind. When my wife Katie was ...

5 years ago

Collateral Damage

don kerr · The following was first published on my site Riding Shotgun (https://ridingshotgun.squarespace.com) on January 4, 2015. · I am reposting here as a result of a couple of prompts including my response to Jena Ball's superb posting (https://www.bebee.com/producer/@jena-ball/the-scie ...

5 years ago


don kerr · Just concluded a wonderful eight days in Muskoka with my family. In this photo, I am showing Gabriel that while this huge outcropping of the pre-Cambrian shield appears an inhospitable place for anything living it is actually home to many growing organisms. My wife Kate and other ...

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