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2 months ago

Boomers vs Generation X

Royce Shook · Generation X, also known as Gen X, refers to people who were born between the mid-1960s and the early 1980s. We often characterize this generation as being independent, resourceful, and adaptable. We know them for being the first generation to grow up with personal computers and ...

1 year ago

Inter-generational Leadership: What’s Myth and What’s Reality–and Does it Matter?

Jim Taggart · The literature on inter-generational differences has been in hyper-drive for a while. Think tanks spew out analyses; book authors produce their take on the situation; bloggers convey their perspectives; and consultants beat the bushes for contracts to tell organizations how diffe ...

1 year ago

Who’s Your Tribe?

Jim Taggart ·   · Human beings have an innate sense of wanting to belong to a community. It’s genetically ingrained in us. This leads many people to actively seek out a like-minded group, or tribe, to join. · It might be Gen Y Hipsters, whose appropriation of elements of Baby Boomer culture cr ...

2 years ago

Retirement in dangerous times

Royce Shook · The mayhem caused by COVID-19 has not just disrupted the working lives of millennials, but also older professionals. While the youth struggle to find a job, care for families and pay their loans in an economy that’s sliding into recession, older professionals have the added burde ...

3 years ago

From Chaos to Clarity of Purpose

Jim Taggart · Do you like a world that’s orderly, where at work you know what’s about to hit you–basically a predictable environment? · Or do prefer the unknown, never quite sure what each day will bring, and not just at work but your personal and family time? · Older folks will remember the c ...

3 years ago

Boomers - The Label Shapers

CityVP Manjit · For the record I was born in 1961. · For the record Barack Obama was born in 1961. · For the record Douglas Coupland was born in 1961. · How does this class of 1961 compare with the class of 1946 that include Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush? · Whatever the differenc ...

3 years ago

Command and Control Leadership Is Alive and Well

Jim Taggart · Here’s a skill-testing question: · Do you like being controlled by your boss? Not having any input into decisions, being told what to do and being kept in the dark, like some form of exotic mushroom? · Figured you don’t. You’re a human being with unique needs, a desire to contrib ...

3 years ago

Are You a BSer? Words of Wisdom from a Crotchety Boomer

Jim Taggart · So what’s a BSer? · Simply put, we Baby Boomers have been the biggest borrowers and spenders (BSers) in human history. · We grew up in arguably competitive labour markets, in contrast to our parents (my folks were part of the Greatest Generation), but we also benefitted from mass ...

3 years ago

Real Leaders Don’t Have the Attention Spans of Squirrels

Jim Taggart · How many times have you been talking to your boss when their wireless rings and they grab for it wildly, have a short chat then back to you, only then to be diverted by another call or a co-worker walking in on the conversation to ask a non-related question. The boss obliges, the ...

4 years ago

Public Enemy #1: Baby Boomers

Jim Taggart · Enough is enough. · If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’re well aware that I’ve been pretty critical of Baby Boomers and included myself in that criticism. However, there’s a limit to stating just how evil, self-centered and foolhardy we Boomers have been. We don’t have p ...

4 years ago

Are You a Quick Change Artist?

Jim Taggart · Do you like the status quo? Where you can maintain your routine at work, keep the co-workers you like, as well as a boss? If you answered yes then here’s a surprise for you: you’re living on some distant planet. · Stability in the workplace was more a feature of when my late dad ...

4 years ago

Are You an Early Adopter? Ready to Kick Some Butt?

Jim Taggart · No, we’re not talking about technology (or even innovation) in this post, which is what being an Early Adopter is usually intended. · We’re talking about figuring out how you lead when shit hits the fan, when top leadership in your organization has taken a vacation, when what see ...

4 years ago

Instant Pudding Learning and Multitasking: A Leadership Challenge

Jim Taggart · If you’re a young person (in your twenties), what’s your preferred way to learn? How do you engage with older co-workers (mid forties-plus) in the workplace when it comes to learning or asking for advice? Or have you written off older people as has-beens? · If you’re an older Bab ...

4 years ago

Leading in a Spiderweb World: Do You See the Connections?

Jim Taggart · In an earlier post I talked about the forces of change: how events are more predictable than people wish to admit and the role of ethical leadership during tumultuous times. Today, we’ll look at some of the main drivers of change and their inter-connectedness. · Below are eight m ...

5 years ago

Dream Big...Lead the Way!

Jim Taggart · When you were little, what did you dream of being when you grew up? · Now that you’re an adult have you achieved your dream, or on your way to realizing it one day soon? · We live in turbulent times. Technology is rapidly changing how work is done; new types of jobs are being cre ...

5 years ago

Are You a Hub Spoke in Your Organization?

Jim Taggart · I remember when I was in my late twenties in the early eighties, completing my Masters in economics, replete with a two-year old, facing an ominous job market. I lucked out, bagging a term job with government which turned out to be in the end a 29 year gig. · Back in 1982, my co- ...

5 years ago

If you are a Millennial this is what you need to know about me...

Graham🐝 Edwards · There was a time (which I admit seems like many lifetimes ago) where I was actively involved in hiring and working with people at the very, very end of the Gen X tail and at the very beginning of the Millennial generation (or in those days what we affectionately called the whY Ge ...

5 years ago

What’s Next on Baby Boomers’ To-Do Lists? Time to Think About Our Succession Plans

Jim Taggart · I admit to being a task-oriented type of guy, despite being known for generating ideas and preferring the big-picture over details. And as a Boomer in his early sixties, I’ve been down the proverbial “Been-there, done (most of) that” routines. Let’s take a look, and if you’re a B ...

5 years ago

GOT MY BACK? Mean What You Say–Why Promise-Keeping is Key to Your Inner Leadership

Jim Taggart · When was the last time you said to a co-worker, friend, family member or even an acquaintance, “Don’t worry, I got your back.” · But did you? · Sure, we can say it’s a figure of speech, representative of today’s hip expressions, in effect a worthless statement of support or promi ...

5 years ago

What Can Gen Y Teach Baby Boomers?

Jim Taggart · Teaching in the traditional sense has involved a linear power relationship between the ‘master’ and the student. The same principle has applied to organizations, where new employees (usually in their twenties) yield to the authoritarian structure to learn “how we do things here.” ...

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