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8 months ago

Intergenerational bonding ideas

Royce Shook · At the senior center, I am president of, we are working on building some bonding between seniors and youth under the age of 19. We believe this can be a great way to foster mutual respect, understanding, and appreciation among different generations. Here are some ideas that we ar ...

1 year ago

Boomers vs Generation X

Royce Shook · Generation X, also known as Gen X, refers to people who were born between the mid-1960s and the early 1980s. We often characterize this generation as being independent, resourceful, and adaptable. We know them for being the first generation to grow up with personal computers and ...

2 years ago

Which generation am I talking about?

Royce Shook · I saw this on Facebook, and thought, this could be said of a number of generations, so which one am I talking about? · WE ARE A GENERATION THAT WILL NEVER COME BACK. · A generation that walked to school and then walked back. · A generation that did their homework alone to get out ...

2 years ago

Which generation am I talking about?

Royce Shook · I saw this on Facebook, and thought, this could be said of a number of generations, so which one am I talking about? · WE ARE A GENERATION THAT WILL NEVER COME BACK. · A generation that walked to school and then walked back. · A generation that did their homework alone to get out ...

2 years ago

Three generations prepare for retirement

Royce Shook · We live longer and many Boomers have retired, but the next two generations are approaching retirement and, are thinking about it seriously. The following posts are from a report called What Is “Retirement”? Three Generations Prepare for Older Age explores American workers' perspe ...

4 years ago

Are you YOLD?

Royce Shook · Among the many terms that describe the various generations – Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and now iGeneration or Generation Z – there appears to be a new name for people like me. I am not young, and I am not old – I am yold. · Welcome to the word some of us have been ...

4 years ago

Boomers - The Label Shapers

CityVP Manjit · For the record I was born in 1961. · For the record Barack Obama was born in 1961. · For the record Douglas Coupland was born in 1961. · How does this class of 1961 compare with the class of 1946 that include Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush? · Whatever the differenc ...

5 years ago

My Generation

Royce Shook · Sometimes, instead of a pie, you get a sandwich. There are costs associated with being part of an interdependent, intergenerational family unit. It is not uncommon today for Boomers, also referred to as “The Sandwich Generation,” to be simultaneously providing financial assistanc ...

5 years ago

Creating a Bond Between Multigenerational Employees

Justin Shimoon · In today’s workforce, we are seeing a large number of employees from generation Z all the way to baby boomers. Generation Z has been found not always to attend the entire four years of college or attend college at all, while the baby boomer generation is sticking around in the wo ...

5 years ago

World without retirement, coming sooner than you think

Royce Shook · Are we heading towards a world without retirement? We know that Boomers are changing what retirement means.  From a personal perspective, we can redefine what work means to us. It is interesting that Boomers are not alone in looking at the reshaping of retirement. Generation X (b ...

5 years ago

The Fountain of Youth

Royce Shook · If there ever was a generation who would put every resource known to man against the challenge of defeating aging, it would be my generation. · Of course, the deeply rooted desire in humans to stop or turn back the aging process is as old as time itself. · We have ample evidence ...

5 years ago

Looking Young and Feeling Young

Royce Shook · We may not have a corner on the market for an urgent desire to stay youthful but we certainly have set a high standard for creating a virtual avalanche of products and services to attend to that need. · The quest to look young in my age group has resulted in an explosion of profi ...

6 years ago

Ageing Well

Royce Shook · Recommendations for action: Ageing Well by Peggy Edwards, Consultant on Ageing at the Council for Senior Citizens Conference 2016 · You can learn more at this website: http://grandmothersadvocacy.org/ · 1. Combat stereotypes of seniors and aging in our culture and inform people ...

6 years ago

Generation Y’s Job Plight: Top 12 Tips for Gen Y

Jim Taggart · It’s amazing how fast things can change in the economy. Not long ago, writers, trainers and speakers on Generation Y couldn’t stress hard enough to Baby Boomers how they were were going to have to adapt to the different values and work preferences of young people. Plenty of “expe ...

7 years ago

Generation X2

CityVP Manjit · It is time to reclaim some heritage and apply some revisionist history especially since it has been a long-time since the last counter-culture movement arose and we are due a second act. · Labels are one thing but attitudes are another.  Marketers create labels and the two chi ...

7 years ago

What if I fall?

Graham🐝 Edwards · What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly.I have always liked this meme, for no other reason I suppose than it speaks to the human condition and the human experience that connects us all. · Our imagination and our dreams will take us far. · Nothing ever happens without ...

7 years ago

Generation Y’s Playbook to Succeed in a Messy Economy

Jim Taggart · Bill Morneau, a newbie politician, probably didn’t quite bank on being handed the country’s most senior cabinet post, and then only months later in a new government mandate find deficit projections and economic forecasts going out the window. Age 54, the handsome Bay Street milli ...

7 years ago

A Time Capsule: Memories of developing successful sales teams.

Graham🐝 Edwards · I was recently rummaging around my makeshift office* and came across a very neat stack of papers held together with a large paperclip; on further inspection I just started to smile. It was one of those smiles that come with grand memories, special moments, and one’s refection on ...

8 years ago

You Need to Stop Millennial Marketing Right Now!

Paul "Pablo" Croubalian · ! · Millennials are the demographic cohort following Generation X who were born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s. · Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia  I have a problem with this whole Millennial thing. You may have gathered that from this post’s title. · The purpose of def ...

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