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Jim Murray ·

1 year ago

A salute to a brave and modest Nation

Royce Shook · My friend George sent me this on Friday, it was written by Kevin Myers, The Sunday Telegraph, London. · Until the deaths of Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan, probably almost no one outside their home country had been aware that Canadian troops are deployed in the region. · ...

1 year ago

The Grapes of Wrath 2.0

Jim Taggart · When John Steinbeck wrote his epic novel The Grapes of Wrath in 1939, he searched for a title but came up empty handed. His (first) wife, Carol Henning, suggested a line from a section of the lyrics of the Battle Hymn of the Republic: · Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming ...

2 years ago

The Genius of Ricky Gervais.

Robert Cormack · Prepare to be uncomfortable. · “Proper stupidity is fascinating.” Ricky Gervais · If there wasn’t Ricky Gervais, we’d have to invent him. I know that sounds rather lofty, but we’ve said it enough times about God. It’s time to move on to other more earthly deities. Ricky Gervais i ...

3 years ago

Cognitive Science - The Hollywood Secret You Can Now Use In Your Business..

Donald 🐝 Grandy PN · This is very cool...! · For many years Hollywood Directors have been using a simple trick to keep viewers hooked to the screen. · This secret is based on the principles of Cognitive Science (which is the study of how the human mind works... and it’s one of Hollywood’s most powerf ...

4 years ago

Coping With Anger About Aging

Royce Shook · Most of the people I associate with, are happy people and accepting of the age we are, but some people that I have come across in the last while are or appear to be, angry at the fact they are getting old. I thought about this and came to the realization that they were going thro ...

4 years ago

Eating Out Of The Dog's Mouth.

Robert Cormack · Why women didn't out Harvey Weinstein and Louis C.K. sooner. · “Shockingly, this conversation isn’t about you and your boner.” Laurie Penny · I’ve never been sexually assaulted, and I doubt it’s going to happen now. I’m sixty-three, and that’s a bad age. I doubt I could even fend ...

4 years ago

A Conversation With Kathy Garver who is most remembered for her starring role as “Cissy” in the long-running CBS international television hit, Family Affair (1966-1971).

Norm Goldman · Bookpleasures.com welcomes as our guest Kathy Garver who is most remembered for her starring role as “Cissy” in the long-running CBS international television hit, Family Affair (1966-1971). · After Family Affair, Kathy starred in an Israeli musical-stage version of the TV serie ...

4 years ago

Retirement 2051

CityVP Manjit · I will be 90 years old in the year 2051 hence my associated posting on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/90-cityvp-manjit · My definition of failure in 2051 is facing my 90th birthday with the thought "What happened to the last 30 years of my life?" · I have these 2 or 3 ye ...

5 years ago

In Hollywood, Anxiety Is the New Alcoholism.

Robert Cormack · This article first appeared in the National Post, December 12, 2002. Despite its age, it still resonates in terms of how well anxiety is portrayed and understood in Hollywood. · In The Sopranos series, Tony Soprano describes his anxiety attacks to his psychiatrist as “a can of gi ...

5 years ago

Observing the Dyadic Relation

CityVP Manjit · The way to destroy my family and home is to insist on a many-to-many network, because that is a group view that supersedes the evolution of individual relationships.  The meaning of dyad is simply two of something and it is a word that I have come to use in order to view and unde ...

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