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2 weeks ago


Jim Murray ·

5 months ago

Post from Renée 🐝 Cormier

Renée 🐝 Cormier · Ah, the things you find when you are moving house. Once upon a time, I was 21…

6 months ago

Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray · Pic de Jour · I have maple trees in the front and back of my house. Every autumn I photograph the leaves as they fall to the ground. They are quite beautiful despite the fact they are dying.

6 months ago

Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray · Pic de Jour · Right in front of my house.

6 months ago

Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray · Pic de Jour · This was shot 4 houses ago in the back yard. I just like the way the light plays with the leaves.

7 months ago

Review: Truth is in the House

Norm Goldman · Michael J. Coffinos's Truth is in the House spins a tale focusing on the lives of two households, one black, the Jacksons, formerly from Dublin, Mississippi, and the other, white, the O'Farrells from New York. The setting begins in the late 1950s, continues during the 1960s and e ...

1 year ago

VOLUME 8: House of Spies by Daniel Silva • The Presidential Debate • Sport Snorts: Fandom In The Covid Era

Jim Murray · I don’t know if it is the same for you, but for me, the time really seems to be flying by. Maybe it was because for 4 months I was in an environment where time seemed like it was trudging like a wounded soldier. And now that I have a good part of my old life back it’s been restor ...

1 year ago

Some more granddad jokes and a story for my grandson

Royce Shook · Q. Why do amoebas get their own room when they go to prison? · They are single-cell organisms · Why did the florist refuse to place flowers on the graves? He was afraid that he too might end up “pushing daisies”. · Q. If people were rent my house and they wanted to keep some p ...

3 years ago

Cleaning House

Royce Shook · I had walked down to pick up the mail, and upon my return, my neighbor asked if I felt good about the clean-up. I had to think about that for a few minutes but my quick reply was not really. For the last two weeks, we have been cleaning out our house. I understand that Spring Cle ...

4 years ago

Fighting Loneliness

Royce Shook · When you are raising your kids in your adult years, it seems you will never know a minute’s peace. · Each day was another explosion of yelling, running and wild activity in the house from the moment the kids are born until they are grown and moving out. · It was when the last one ...

4 years ago


CityVP Manjit · Buzz Submitted by :  Dr. Ali Anani · Buzz : A Simple Approach to Storytelling · Dr Ali Anani offers a Simpler Approach to Storytelling · We are neither in the golden age but nor are we in the dark ages, but if we use the modern barometer of storytelling we may as well be.  Both m ...

4 years ago

Confessions of an Open House Junkie

Renée 🐝 Cormier · I’d never say this out loud, and especially not to an agent at an open house, but I am an open house junkie. I can’t help myself. I always want to see what’s going on in my neighbourhood and surrounding areas. Real estate excites me, although not enough to actually want to sell i ...

4 years ago

People who love sausage and respect the law...

Kevin Pashuk · ... should never watch either one being made. · This quote has been attributed to Ben Franklin, Otto Bismark, and a number of other sources.  Regardless of the source, I was reminded of the quote during a vacation trip to Washington DC. · We went for the museums and the history, ...

5 years ago

If You Were a Product, How Would You Sell Yourself?

Robert Cormack · Someone wrote asking me about a term I used in one of my posts. “I love Product as hero,” the person said. “Where does it come from?” I responded that it’s been around a long time, although it’s frequently forgotten or abused. · I told him I used the term in my novel, since the m ...

5 years ago

Students Who Want ‘Safe Spaces’ Should Avoid Alan Dershowitz And My House

Robert Cormack · Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law professor and frequent commentator, lashed out on a New York radio station, calling university students a “bunch of hypocrites," He went on to add that students want everything their own way and ‘safe spaces’ are just another form of kowtowing to the ...

5 years ago

Advice to the newlyweds

Kevin Pashuk · In just over a week, my wife and I are marrying off our youngest to a lovely young lady who we are delighted to add into our family. · We have been given a time slot during the reception to speak, and we want to do something other than the traditional syrupy speech. · So... we th ...

5 years ago

Gramma's House, Hockey, & Sh*t Disturbers

Kevin Pashuk · When I was a kid, I loved visiting my Gramma, up to a point. · My grandmother fit every stereotypical thing you could say about Grammas. There was lots of love, us kids were the most important thing in the world, there was a ton of food, and she had lived in her house for ever. · ...

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