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1 month ago

Tamarin and Kookaburra.

Robert Cormack · A love story by Robert Cormack · Courtesy of Pixabay · “Love is the ultimate expression of the will to live.” Tom Wolfe · They shared a small office, him facing one way, her another. Nobody knew why they were put together, other than nobody else at the agency wanted to work with ...

1 year ago

Ivan and June.

Robert Cormack · A short story about advertising (sort of). · I once worked with a former mercenary. His name was Ivan and he still wore camouflage pants, Wellco boots, and a field jacket with a bullet hole. He said he got shot in a place called Kisangani, somewhere in the Congo. Ivan wasn’t your ...

4 years ago

Ethos - Pathos - Logos

CityVP Manjit · On the 24th we will delver into the arena of persuasion, something that one of our club members (Ivan) brought up in recent meetings, so we will be going Aristotelian for the midday meeting.  First we should review a video that introduces us to ethos, pathos and logos : · Ivan in ...

5 years ago

Back In The Country Songwriting Saddle Again…When Will I Ever Learn? LOL.

Jim Murray · This is yet another post in my evidently ongoing series entitled, “Reflections On Being A Writer In the 21st Century”. If you’re interested in checking out more articles in this series, just go to my Pulse Inventory page in The Lumpy Kingdom of The Mighty Hamsters (aka LinkedIn) ...

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