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6 months ago

Hiking Heaven

Jeff Friesen · My friends and family always ask me why I “torture myself by climbing hills”. That is really their way of asking me why I like hiking and getting outdoors in general. I usually just tell them it’s because “it depressurizes me”, and it really does. I wasn’t a huge fan of walking t ...

2 years ago

Metabo Law

Donald 🐝 Grandy PN · Most people don't know and don't care that they are at the bottom of industrialized nations in many areas, including health. It is VERY difficult to get around it unless you spend a lot of money and time preparing or growing your own food. Health care is reactionary/emergency foc ...

3 years ago

Meet Michael Pronko Author of The Moving Blade: A Tokyo Mystery

Norm Goldman · Bookpleasures.com once again welcomes as our guest, Michael Pronko. Michael is a professor of American Literature and Culture at Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo.  · He has written about Japanese culture, art, jazz, and politics for Newsweek in Japan, The Japan Times, Artscape J ...

3 years ago

Review: The Moving Blade: A Tokyo Mystery

Norm Goldman · Author: Michael Pronko · Publisher: Raked Gravel Press 2018 · ISBN: 978-1-9422410-16-4 · With his recent tome, The Moving Blade: A Tokyo Mystery Michael Pronko has given his readers a great deal to chew on and digest. He has crafted a yarn that includes a well-respected American ...

3 years ago

The Cao Yong Experience

CityVP Manjit · Until a few minutes ago I had no idea of who Cao Yong was but for a chance share by Savvy Raj on LinkedIn and immediately the blueish-purplish hue of his painting caught my attention, only to find that form of style in countless paintings found in Google Image search.  · It did ...

3 years ago

Working longer could increase pension payouts.

Royce Shook · Japan recently took an interesting step when dealing with its ageing population. The · Japanese government policy on the elderly released Wednesday, January 17, said people should be allowed to delay the age they start receiving public pensions, to over 70, with the government ho ...

3 years ago

The Unsustainable Business Model Called America

Jim Murray · There is a passive-aggressive civil war going on in America right now. · Anybody who doesn’t live there and has a couple of brain cells to rub together can see this very clearly. · Even a lot of people in America can see this. But, for one reason or another, they are either ignor ...

4 years ago

People in retirement save more and consume less, who knew?

Royce Shook · An interesting study (pdf file) out of Britain, shows that most people in retirement end up as net savers. Consumption in retirement starts relatively high and ends low. This pattern is common to both high and low-income groups, is robust to the inclusion of factors other than ag ...

4 years ago

Let's Look Under The Hood

Donald 🐝 Grandy PN · Have you bought a new or new to you car? Remember how that felt? It had a great smell. Everything was working, no rattles, clunking or expensive repairs. That was good, but eventually, the car started to break down. Brake pads, shocks, transmission, etc: Now it costs thousands to ...

4 years ago

Coping with a Ballooning Older Population: The Looming Inter-Generational War

Jim Taggart · And you thought the world had enough problems already? Just wait, it’s going to become a lot more tense, especially among generations. · The world is going through a massive demographic transition that will reshape nations, economies and markets over the next 100 years. Forecasts ...

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