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1 year ago

A series on leadership — insight three

Graham🐝 Edwards · Recently I thought I had reached a level of wisdom that I could offer thoughts on a number of things in a blog; one of which was Leadership. In my brief overview on the topic, I said this: · Leadership is defined when times are difficult: with vision, decision making, and ownersh ...

2 years ago

The Journey is short

Royce Shook · The journey is short earliest publication in 2017 on a blog called Speaking Tree by Muthender Velishala · An elderly woman got on a bus and sat down. At the next stop, a strong, grumpy young woman climbed up and sat down sharply beside the old woman, hitting her with her numerous ...

3 years ago

Vulnerability and retirement

Royce Shook · Feeling vulnerable could be part of the brain’s survival design, triggering the fight or flight response which once protected us from danger. And there is research that shows that some of us are genetically more inclined to feel vulnerable than others. So, if you are wired to fee ...

4 years ago

Review: Geraldina & the Compass Rose: One Woman's Faith-Filled Journey To Find Love. A Memoir.

Norm Goldman · Author: Geraldine Brown Giomblanco · Publisher: GBG Books ISBN: 978-1-7337422-0-7 · Everyone has a story to tell, and there is nothing so warm and inviting, yet so thought-provoking as a well-told compelling story such as Geraldine Brown Giomblanco's Geraldina & the Compass Rose ...

4 years ago

The caregivers journey

Royce Shook · I recently gave a workshop on Care for the Caregiver and it reminded me of the wonderful and stressful job caregivers do for the people that are under their care. The demands of caregiving can be overwhelming. · Many people don’t view themselves as caregivers when in reality that ...

5 years ago

Your last adventure

Royce Shook · As we start on our newest adventure, we should take some time to think that for every physical adventure, besides the possibility of reward, there's the possibility of loss. We have, before we start, weighed the odds, and determined that the risk of success outweighs the risk of ...

6 years ago

Discovering Self

Royce Shook · As boomers move into the last stage of our life, some have begun a journey of self Discovery, which generally proves to be really exciting and amazing. As you begin this search various questions should be raised: · Will I be able to abandon my comfort zone? This means that you ha ...

6 years ago

A journey through the desert...

Graham🐝 Edwards · This story* is not mine — although I have borrowed it for many meetings and have used it liberally over the years. It's fun to tell, and in a metaphorical sense a story to live by.  · It goes something like this— There were three Bedouin travelling through the barren desert and a ...

6 years ago

Physical Intelligence - Day 32

CityVP Manjit · The primary importance of physical intelligence for me is not the outcome of physical fitness but that as an intelligence it is the fuel and power to activate other forms of intelligence.  It has foundational power that changes perspective of those things we may also negatively a ...

6 years ago

Journey of One

CityVP Manjit · This is a rare picture from the inner sanctum of my home and this is a rare occurrence where members of family are willing to to watch the kind of things I watch.  They prefer Netflix for entertainment, I prefer video for educational and self-development purposes.  I do have one ...

6 years ago

Learning Journey 56

CityVP Manjit · Today, 4th January 2017 - I begin my new learning journey - Learning Journey 56.   During the prior learning journey [Learning Journey 55] I established new hives at beBee and consequently shifted from Twitter being the home base of my learning to, beBee now becoming the hub of i ...

7 years ago


CityVP Manjit · I talk of being on a learning journey but there is also a beginning point and end point to each learning journey, and the journey is not complete without the flow of others.  My beBee learning journey is envisages to be for a period of hopefully 3 years, with the culmination in t ...

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