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14 hours ago

What Are Good Smoothie Recipies?

Reed Tristner · The smoothie Diets are the best-recommended recipes for losing weight. If you've just eaten frozen fruit, you can add a handful or two ice cubes to the blender to keep the smoothie cold and thick. All of these smoothies use frozen fruit as a base, which adds a pleasant sweetness ...

5 months ago

Coconut Chicken with Variations

Renée 🐝 Cormier · As a follow up to a previous post on curry, here's a recipe for coconut chicken that's easy to make and absolutely delicious. · I love to borrow ingredients from other cultures and make what I called inspired dishes. This recipe for coconut chicken always gets rave reviews. ·   · ...

4 years ago

YOU don't get to define 'Normal'. It's killing your success.

Kevin Pashuk · I'm a nice guy. · Or at least I've been told. · I do have things that make me unique. · I'm musical. · I shoot things (with a camera). I refuse to act my age (just because there is a 'senior discount' for someone over 55 doesn't mean you have to take it). · But even with the un ...

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