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1 year ago

When we knew some shit

don kerr · November 3, 1993 · We’d finished off a few pounds of Gordie Howitzer’s Elbows (chicken wings for the uninitiated). Estelle wandered by checking the status of our pints. Homer’s glass was near empty and he nodded for a refill of whatever watered-down near-beer he was drinking. I c ...

3 years ago


Norm Goldman · Author: JP O'Donnell · Publisher: Outskirts Press · ISBN: 978-1-9772-0177-5 · Pulse Of My Heart, the third in JP O'Donnell's Gallagher Series, once again features Daniel Cormac Gallagher Jr. who appears to have nine lives. O'Donnell combines a titillating organized thriller plot ...

4 years ago

Cancer tails: Why our lives will never be cancer free and why we must take sides

don kerr · I posted the following on my site Riding Shotgun (https://ridingshotgun.squarespace.com/) yesterday and posted a link to it as a buzz on beBee. The piece garnered some interesting responses (one in particular which I hope to share with you when/if I get the author's permission) s ...

4 years ago

Transformational Mindfulness Stress Reduction - A very special offer

don kerr · Regular readers will know that my wife, Kate Kerr, is a highly-respected Mindfulness consultant. She recently posted the following on her FB company page and because I am such an enthusiastic supporter of both her and the benefits of mindfulness I am sharing it here. For any of y ...

4 years ago

How often do you reflect and remember?

don kerr · A few weeks ago Kate, many of our breast cancer community and I lost a remarkable person and friend Catherine Brunelle. · Since her death Kate and I have thought of her every day. There is no morbidity in our memories and daily reflection. There is though something remarkable tha ...

4 years ago

"This life has truly been a win." Catherine's last post.

don kerr · Very early on the morning of July 29, 2017 my friend Catherine wrote her last post. Later that day she was gone. Taken so goddamned early. · Kate and I met Catherine and her incredible husband Szolt early in our joint travels through the raging waters of breast cancer. She struck ...

4 years ago

The road to nothingness - an experience with mindfulness

don kerr · Mindfulness is apparently on everyone's radar these days and for good reason. We're increasingly and maddeningly succumbing to the stress we apparently welcome and seek out in our modern-day lives of busyness. · It's crazy really what we're doing to ourselves. · My wife, Kate, wa ...

4 years ago

You can't fix it but you can make it better

don kerr · On November 3, 2011, I received a phone call while waiting in line to pick up my sons, 2 and 4, from school. On the other end of the line was my wife’s GP advising me that Kate had a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. The ensuing months brought bewilderment, fear and ange ...

4 years ago

Stop and smell the roses

Royce Shook · I try to walk every day, some days I don't. One day last summer as I was walking along the Fraser River, just below my house, I came to a little park that I walk by every day. Normally as I pass this park I pay attention to the little beach, the trees, the benches, and the log bo ...

4 years ago

My new favourite book.

Kevin Pashuk · I've just laid down Don 🐝 Kerr's new book Riding Shotgun - A book for men and the partners they care for. · Full disclosure: I know Don and am pleased to call him my friend and fellow Beezer. · We are as different as Scotch and Soda, but we do compliment (and complement) each oth ...

5 years ago


don kerr · Surthrivorship! · The word ‘surthrivorship’ may not be a part of your lexicon. · If you’ve been a part of the cancer community you will certainly have ‘survivorship’ as part of your regular conversation. · Surthrivorship, to my knowledge, was coined by my friend Sherry Abbott and ...

5 years ago

Something remarkable is happening!

don kerr · This will be my last effort on beBee with regard to the Kickstarter campaign encouraging support for the publication of my book Riding Shotgun. The beBee community has proven itself kindly supportive with pledges totalling $400 from 9 Bees. I will always be grateful. · Our suppor ...

5 years ago

The road to nothingness: Another excerpt from Riding Shotgun and my continuing appeal for support

don kerr · This piece was first published on the Riding Shotgun blog in 2013. It is republished here as part of my effort to raise the necessary funds to publish Riding Shotgun the book. · At the time of writing the notion of nothingness was a mystery to me. It still is.  · The road to noth ...

5 years ago

As October, Breast Cancer Awareness month approaches we're hopeful of reaching our target!

don kerr · Don, give yourself huge credit! You did look at your inner self, your vulnerability from current years to way back to your childhood/ teenage camping trips. We have shared with you how you have changed you views of life and how you stoically supported Kate and your lovely boys th ...

5 years ago

Does time diminish memory?

don kerr · Today I publicized the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to support the publication of my book, Riding Shotgun. My friend Randy Kehoe suggested it would be a good idea to share an excerpt from the book. He's a pretty bright guy so I'm gonna do it. In fact here are two. · The first ...

5 years ago


don kerr · Just concluded a wonderful eight days in Muskoka with my family. In this photo, I am showing Gabriel that while this huge outcropping of the pre-Cambrian shield appears an inhospitable place for anything living it is actually home to many growing organisms. My wife Kate and other ...

5 years ago

When life and work coalesce - acknowledging the full person

don kerr · Although relatively new to this platform, already beBee impresses me. Not for any whiz-bang technical features or intriguing algorithms. Not because it has opened a door to a much more Continental experience nor due to the incredibly active, participation of it's CEO (that is tho ...

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