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4 years ago

Unmarketing with Kevin Baker

CityVP Manjit · Scott Stratten is worth listening to for the same reason Guy Kawasaki is worth listening to - because they make marketing a practice rather than a technique.  This particular video was shared by Kevin Baker and I am listening to it while I am writing this - or should I say "think ...

4 years ago

CLIMBING THE HILL ... an analogy.

Graham🐝 Edwards · After being told we were part of something that raised $20.5 Million to help cure cancer in our lifetime, 5,044 of us got on our bikes and began a ride 219 kilometres over two days.As the motivation of being part of something bigger than yourself starts to fade and the riders thi ...

4 years ago

This is why I really, really like beBee...

Graham🐝 Edwards · Simply put... it is the fascinating people you get to meet.Today I met Renée 🐝 Cormier and Kevin Pashuk for coffee (I actually had diet coke but this isn't about my slight addiction). I have known Renee for a while now and we meet regularly, but this was the first time I've had t ...

5 years ago

Old Boots, an Old Motorcycle, and a Sense of Adventure

Kevin Pashuk · In my closet I have a pair of cowboy boots. · They aren’t much to look at. · In fact, they are pretty stained and beat up. · But I’m very, very attached to these bits of leather. · I don’t normally keep every pair of old shoes, but these are special. · From the broken cinch ...

5 years ago

Help! I've Got Bird Brain!

Renée 🐝 Cormier · People think I’m crazy. “What are you doing with four parrots?” I get it. I never imagined I would ever become a bird person. I grew up with dogs, and later, cats. I loved them and still do. The way I see it, there are basically two kinds of people in this world; critter people a ...

5 years ago

Writing is ‘WHAT’ I do, but ‘WHY’ do I do it?

Kevin Pashuk · Tap, tap, tap go my fingers on the keys. · It is evening, when all the key tapping should be complete. · “What are you up to?” asks my brilliant bride. · “I’m writing a blog post.” I reply. · “It’s important!” I add, just in case she thinks it isn’t and comes up with something ...

5 years ago

How to not waste time on beBee

Kevin Pashuk · Deep down, I am a simple person. · I work with complex things, in a complex environment. · My days are full. · I am busy. · I am also a raging introvert. I need to take time to process things. To simplify them so I can understand them. (I would make a terrible fire chief). · I wo ...

5 years ago

Bourbon versus Scotch

Graham🐝 Edwards · I "discovered" Bourbon about two years ago and have been developing my palate ever since; along with that I have carried the presumption that everyone sees it as the finest of all the whiskeys, has the same enthusiasm for the amber ambrosia, and wants to raise a glass whenever th ...

5 years ago

A beginner's mind - lessons from the Beezers

don kerr · Yesterday was a day of learning.  · On the shores of the Credit River we gathered for the first time. Four people from different times and spaces. At first glance perhaps little in common and certainly no real familiarity apart from insights gained in a virtual world. · The photo ...

5 years ago

How to Schmooze (when you are a Raging Introverted CIO)

Kevin Pashuk · It’s conference season again (Isn't it always?). · As an IT leader you know that you need to get out of the office and get some professional development.  Regardless of the industry you are in, there are no shortage of great events that combine great speakers, relevant workshops, ...

5 years ago

Do I buy a new iPhone, or a hamster?

Kevin Pashuk · Apple will be announcing its next generation of iPhone soon. (Aren't they always?) Do I want one? What kind of IT person would I be if I didn't? Will I get one? No. And here's why. · This is not a review of the iPhone features, flaws or benefits. It's not an analysis of whether o ...

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