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5 years ago

Something remarkable is happening!

don kerr · This will be my last effort on beBee with regard to the Kickstarter campaign encouraging support for the publication of my book Riding Shotgun. The beBee community has proven itself kindly supportive with pledges totalling $400 from 9 Bees. I will always be grateful. · Our suppor ...

5 years ago

Now a multilingual appeal for support and giving thanks

don kerr · Siendo este fin de semana de Acción de Gracias en Canadá, estoy agradecido de los 65 patrocinadores que apoyen mi campaña Kickstarter. A partir de este momento (9 de octubre de 2016) a causa de esta gente maravillosa que hemos obtenido financiación de $4,391.00 que representan ap ...

5 years ago

Giving thanks in the home stretch

don kerr · This being Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, I am thankful for the 65 backers who support my Kickstarter campaign. · As of this moment (October 9, 2016) because of these wonderful people we have attained funding of $4,391.00 representing approximately 66% of our $6,500.00 target. T ...

5 years ago

Grinding it out and being embraced

don kerr · The following is an update I posted on Kickstarter today: · This Kickstarter experience is new to me. I came into it with enthusiasm and frankly few expectations. I just didn't know what kind of reaction we'd get to this initiative. Now, with 16 days left in our campaign to raise ...

5 years ago

Riding Shotgun: Another excerpt and another unabashed appeal for support

don kerr · My Kickstarter campaign has entered its second week and while the first week was encouraging (reached 21% of my goal), there is still a way to go before I can confidently move forward to publication. · My book, Riding Shotgun, was written with men in mind. When my wife Katie was ...

5 years ago

Does time diminish memory?

don kerr · Today I publicized the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to support the publication of my book, Riding Shotgun. My friend Randy Kehoe suggested it would be a good idea to share an excerpt from the book. He's a pretty bright guy so I'm gonna do it. In fact here are two. · The first ...

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