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1 year ago

Having A Cold During The Pandemic.

Robert Cormack · It ain't easy. · As anyone will tell you, colds aren’t allowed during pandemics. It’s like having acne during a smallpox outbreak. One innocent cough or sneeze can cause a stampede. I don’t mean just any stampede. I’m talking about the kind we saw when The Beatles came to America ...

2 years ago

I Need A Surrogate Sufferer.

Robert Cormack · Or at least someone to guide me through the drugstore. · “No one can feel as helpless as the owner of a sick goldfish.” Kin Hubbard · Cold season os upon us and, like any sane person dealing with this, I’m looking for volunteers. Remember the Green Mile where John Coffey cures Pa ...

5 years ago

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Expectorant.

Robert Cormack · Every five years or so I get a cold so bad, I’d give my worldly possessions (a 2000 Acura) to anyone willing to take over my symptoms. Remember in the Green Mile when John Coffey cures Paul Edgecomb’s bladder infection by absorbing it into his own body? That’s the kind of selfles ...

5 years ago

Rocks in the River

Kevin Pashuk · While I have been known to do some high risk activities (like introducing significant change into an organization) there are some activities for which I choose to do vicariously through other people. · White water kayaking is high on that list. · Now if you are someone who likes ...

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