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5 days ago

Never Believe A Prediction That Doesn’t Empower You

Jim Murray · This will likely be the last post I write on my experiences over the past two years. It's time to move on and get back to my normal stuff. · On the day I left the hospital in Hamilton after having spinal surgery and the nerve that controlled balance in my legs was severed, I was ...

1 week ago

Things Lost & Found: Part 7 - Patience

Jim Murray · I have always been impatient. I think it may have a lot to do with my metabolism. It seems like I am always in a hurry to get things done. · Before I actually got proficient at writing, which is mostly what I do and have done for all of my adult life, I was always in a hurry. In ...

4 weeks ago

Things Lost & Found Part 2: Critical Faculties

Jim Murray · This is the second post in a series. The first post can be found here: https://ca.bebee.com/producer/things-lost-found-part-1-0JBaYMVRuHek · I have never been what you would call a people person. When I was younger I was, but as I grew older, I lost a good deal of my ability to s ...

1 month ago

The Friday Files: 2021 Edition - Part 2

Jim Murray · Everything I Know About Getting Business · Now that things are coming back to whatever will pass for normal, I’m starting to see a lot of videos from people who want to teach other people all the ins and outs of getting business on LinkedIn and other social media sites. I’ve · l ...

1 month ago

The Trouble With God

Jim Murray · The trouble with God is that he is a great manager. He creates all kinds of things and leaves them to fend for themselves, confident that his creations will grow and thrive and evolve and that it will all will be good for everyone and everything that is part of his creation. · An ...

2 months ago

The Friday Files 2021 Edition: Part 1

Jim Murray · The Friday Files was a feature I built into my blogging a few years back. It got shunted off onto a spur when I got sick and eventually went into the hospital for spinal surgery. · I have been out of the hospital and well on my way to as much of a recovery as I can honestly hope ...

3 months ago

The Digital Revolution…And How To Compete In It More Effectively

Jim Murray · It’s a very easy thing, in this day and age to become blinded by digital science. The technology we have at our disposal today is pretty awesome and it can facilitate our ability to reach people just about anywhere, tell them just about anything and also to get instant feedback f ...

3 months ago

The Basic Ground Rules For Walking The Talk In My World. And Maybe Yours Too.

Jim Murray · This is a re-broadcast of an article I wrote a few years ago. · It’s a little after 8:00 AM on a cool October morning. I’m sitting here with a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and doing what I do every single morning, rain or shine. · I’m creating something out of my head. · This crea ...

3 months ago

Why The Future Of Biz Catalyst Looks Bright To Me

Jim Murray · I belong to a very small group or Network Sidebar, more like the size of a bowling team, on LinkedIn. It is the only group I still belong to on that site, which has gone pretty steadily downhill from the glory days of just a few years ago. · The three other people in the group ar ...

3 months ago

Some Simple Advice To Help You Become A Better Blogger. Part 4.

Jim Murray · This is the fourth installment in a series on blogging and what works for me. It's based on things · I have learned throughout the trial and error process of posting more than 2500 articles on Pulse, WordPress, Medium, Google Plus & here on beBee.com. · The other posts in this ...

3 months ago

Some Simple Advice To Help You Become A Better Blogger. Part 2.

Jim Murray · This is the second installment in a series on blogging and what works for me. It's based on things  I have learned throughout the trial and error process of posting more than 2500 articles on Pulse, WordPress, Medium, Google Plus & most recently, bebee.com · The first installment ...

3 months ago

Some Simple Advice To Help You Be A Better Blogger. Part 1.

Jim Murray · This is the first in a new series of 4 posts on blogging. I will publish a new post every day this week. Please feel free to share them with anyone you know who wants to write better blogs, or get started blogging. · *********** · There are a lot of people out there who complain ...

4 months ago

Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray · 47,200 views on LInkedIn and still counting, a personal best for moi.

4 months ago

PR Secrets That Will Boost Your Career

Renée 🐝 Cormier · Now that more companies are hiring remote workers, the job market you are competing in is much larger. Looking good publicly and building credibility within your industry is more important than ever. If you want to have a competitive advantage in the job market, you should really ...

4 months ago

The End Of Network TV (For Me)

Jim Murray · It’s pretty much a year ago now that I stopped watching network TV. When I quit, I was still in the Hospital recuperating from spinal surgery and rehabbing my legs which were pretty severely affected by my surgery. Needless to say I had a lot of time to kill. I also had good inte ...

4 months ago

For Everyone On The Far Side Of My Apathy Ratio

Jim Murray · This is a post I wrote about 6 years ago. What's really odd about it is that you can read it like I wrote it yesterday, and all the truth in it would still be true. Go ahead. See for yourself. · The opinions expressed in this post are exactly that, and all based on my own experie ...

4 months ago

The Nature Of The Digital Marketing Beast

Jim Murray ·   · Please note this is an opinion piece. Different businesses will experience different results, depending on how smart they are about the choices they make as they move forward.The good old reliable 80/20 Rule of Almost Everything clearly states that about 80% of all the conten ...

4 months ago

The Gestalt Of The Bee

Jim Murray · This post was written in 2016, when I was just new to beBee. · IMHO, it comes at my experience here in a slightly different way.On one of the BeBee posts I did recently, one of the people who follow my musings wrote a very interesting comment, which gave me some real pause. The p ...

5 months ago

The New Challenge For Good Content Creators….The Mountain Of Crap.

Jim Murray · This is a post I wrote about content creation a few years ago. I thought it might be interesting for any of you who choose to read it to see if it’s still as relevant today, or, as I suspect even more so. · “Now I wish I could write you a melody so plain · That could hold you dea ...

5 months ago

Learning To Be Still

Jim Murray · This past year, I spent 4 months pretty much flat on my back in hospital, thanks to an E-coli infection that wasn’t nipped in the bud like it would have been in the best of all worlds. · One of the things that happened as a result of this, which was surgically treated, was that I ...

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