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1 year ago

Should you re-examine your priorities?

Royce Shook · Over this difficult time, you may have been in the process of re-examining your priorities. If you have not been doing that, maybe it is time to consider doing that, or if you have examined your priorities I invite you to reexamine them.   · When you look at what's on the list, a ...

3 years ago

What do you do everyday when you are retired?

Royce Shook · Ronnie over at As Time Goes By created a post where she talked about what do people who are retired do on a daily basis. It was an interesting read and got me thinking about what I do on a daily basis. · First, here is the list that from an article called 12 ways Retirees spend t ...

5 years ago

Do you have a dream?

Royce Shook · Do you have a dream, a hunch, a desire, or something that just has to be done, but for some reason, you never start it? · For those that just cannot find the right time to start, here is some intriguing advice.   · Take your list of ideas you plan to do "someday".Write each idea ...

5 years ago

The 80/20 Differential And Its Inevitable Top 10 List

Jim Murray · Most of the time I'm pretty serious as a writer. But every now and then, · maybe 20% of the time I veer off that highway and into whatever this is. · I don’t profess to know what the original definition of the 80/20 Rule was. Maybe there really isn’t one and it’s just one of t ...

5 years ago

The 'P' List for Project Management

Kevin Pashuk · Occasionally my brain starts a thought that just keeps going. · Like it did when I started jotting down some ideas around project management for software projects. · Each of these thoughts are key considerations in each and every IT project. · So here they are in no particular o ...

5 years ago

Seven Tricks for Unblocking the Writer in You

Renée 🐝 Cormier · Consistently writing great content can be challenging. Let’s face it. It is hard to be creative every single day, but if you need to promote either your own business or someone else’s with compelling copy, then you really need to try. Here are a few tricks I use to inspire myself ...

5 years ago

Getting Started on beBee: The Big - Assed List

Paul "Pablo" Croubalian · Angus Grady messaged me yesterday, Angus seemed to remember that I once wrote a getting started guide for beBee. He couldn't find it. · I actually wrote a few. · I thought I would assemble them all here. · I listed them in some semblance of what I consider a logical order. They d ...

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