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1 year ago

Constructive Conflict: Advice from the Mother of Modern Management

Jim Taggart · When we look back to the 20th Century and reflect on great leaders, whether leading nations, organizations or social movements, there’s a tendency to produce a list with mostly male names. However, when one attempts to create a list of who were the great management thinkers durin ...

1 year ago

Smart Leaders Play the Long Game

Jim Taggart · We live in the age of instant gratification. We want it now as consumers—hence the exponential growth of credit since the 1960s, whether in credit cards, conditional sales contracts, automotive loans or mortgages. And when it comes to business, the mindset of short-term financial ...

1 year ago

The Best Manager, Ever: Tales from the Management Crypt

Jim Taggart · We’ve all had good bosses, and more likely bad bosses that outnumber the former. This post is a more provocative commentary on leadership; however, it has important lessons for those people wanting to become effective, well-rounded leaders. · Your contribution is therefore import ...

1 year ago

Are You an Authentic Leader?

Jim Taggart · I am your servant. I do not come to you as a leader, as one above others. · When you read these words did the person who uttered them come to mind? Admittedly, the world is adrift in leadership quotations. But what makes these words special is that they were said by Nelson Mandel ...

1 year ago

Leading in a Post-Heroic World: Do You Have What it Takes?

Jim Taggart · Date Line: 1994, · Forbes Magazine · THE NEW POST-HEROIC LEADERSHIP ”Ninety-five percent of American managers today say the right thing. Five percent actually do it.” That’s got to change. · Post-heroic leadership has gone by many names: shared leadership, participative leadershi ...

2 years ago

The Art (NOT Science) of Management–and its Cousin Leadership

Jim Taggart · It seems that a number of people want to be scientists, or at least in the sense of ostensibly adding credibility to their respective field of work. Economists (of which I was a practitioner for 35 years) and those in the leadership field (yours truly since the early nineties) co ...

4 years ago

Is Sucking Up To Your Boss the Way to Get Ahead? What Would Machiavelli Think?

Jim Taggart · The perennial question of what’s the best way to get ahead at work continues to be discussed and studied. One study by two academics revealed some interesting but not necessarily surprising findings. Professors Ithai Stern (Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University) a ...

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