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5 months ago

Finding Your Next Big Thing

Levan Johnson · Have you ever considered that life is really just a series of changes that we go through? Many of these changes or phases are set off by our decisions to do or not do certain things. Your education, your career path, your relationships, your major purchases, or lack thereof are a ...

5 months ago

What to Do When Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work

Sarah Cohen · Everybody talks about harnessing The Law of Attraction so it works in your favour, but let’s face it. Talk is cheap when your life is falling apart and you can’t seem to turn it around.  · You dutifully create vision boards and recite positive affirmations. You even stick notes o ...

4 years ago

What is Your Limiting Factor?

Donald 🐝 Grandy PN · What Limiting Factors Are Keeping You From Reaching Your Nutrition Goals? · Everyone has different genetics and live different lives with different environmental influences. You could spend the next year coming up with a list of factors that might be affecting your ability to fol ...

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