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3 months ago

What is the Mind diet? Part One

Royce Shook · I have lost some friends to Alzheimer's and am aware of what the disease does to a person, so any opportunity to stop or slow the disease down is important. The USA News and World Report ran a story on a diet that helps slow down this disease. It is below · The MIND diet takes tw ...

2 years ago

More ideas for preventing dementia--Eat Healthy

Royce Shook · Final thoughts for now, on ideas to help prevent or slow down dementia. A healthy diet throughout life plays a crucial role in optimal development, and in maintaining health. Previous dietary intervention studies have shown that dietary changes are involved in the prevention of m ...

3 years ago

How To Live To Be 120

Donald 🐝 Grandy PN · We are living in an era that is obsessed with youth. It is unsurprising that so much time is devoted to fighting the ravages of age. · The battle may seem somewhat futile, however, a new study suggests that slowing the ageing process is more achievable than we realize. Simple li ...

4 years ago

Physical Intelligence - Day 37

CityVP Manjit · Important transition this morning from a cycle of late nights to the exact opposite, which is an early start.  Instead of going to sleep between 3am and 5am, I was awake today by 3am.  Though I got only 5 hours sleep I awoke afresh.  I managed to create a strategy around an activ ...

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