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6 months ago

Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray · Pic De Jour · Somewhere along the Lakeshore in Niagara on The Lake.

10 months ago

Do You Believe In Magic?

Jim Murray · I believe in magic. I have no real proof to substantiate this belief, just the feeling that it exists, and it exists all over the place. · I’m not talking about the magic that illusionists perform, although I certainly believe in the cleverness with which that magic is performed ...

3 years ago

The Trusted Business Ally & What She Looks Like

Jim Murray · See this lady? Her name is Charlene Norman, and I have been working with her for the past year to develop both a consulting business and a number of other initiatives to support our Niagara region community. · Charlene has been to top of the corporate mountain in many different c ...

4 years ago

The Boomer Psychoanalyzes America

Jim Murray · This is the 10th post in this particular series. You can read the others at: https://www.bebee.com/@jim-murray · Last night the Boomer and his partner Blondie attended a networking group at a sports bar. · There he met a woman, more or less in his profession, and had an interesti ...

4 years ago

Post Cards From Another Part Of My Brain

Jim Murray · I have not been a photographer for as long as I have been a writer, but pretty damn close. I got into photography on the advice of a photographer friend name John Wild who actually found me my first SLR camera and coerced me into buying it on the promise that it would make me a b ...

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