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6 months ago

Five Questions With Peacefull (By Jenna Melanson)

Peacefull Music · PEACEFULL - A CANADIAN ROCK BAND ·   · Montreal, QC-based 5-piece rock band, Peacefull  · released their debut album, Peacefull on June 1, 2020.  ·   · They have released 5 official music videos from the release, and 4 songs in strong rotation on radio, including : · DreamingThe ...

4 years ago

“Call Me Nick!” Leadership in Running Shoes

Jim Taggart · We were dressed in our splendid attire: wool suits, buffed shoes and combed hair. My peers and I –some 60 middle managers from around the region– were attending a manager’s conference in 1991. We anxiously awaited the arrival of our demi-god. · And who might that have been? · Non ...

5 years ago

“Nobody Knows Who the Hell We Are!” (Sometimes You Gotta Sell the Client)

Robert Cormack · There are creatives in the industry today who are capable of doing advertising that doesn’t drive people nuts. They create really clever stuff. But it’s interesting that when we talk about creative we seem to always be discussing brands. What about the company behind these brands ...

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