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2 months ago

My poem “Ode to Halloween” published on Spillwords Press Oct. 22, 2021

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador · Once upon a spooky Halloween · nightmares consume sweet lullabies · frightful silhouettes assault · an unsuspecting moon · whilst din breaks silence · witches cast spells · as darkness · fills the · night · ghosts · goblins · fools and ghouls · bats and black cats · the darkness ...

3 months ago

Ode to a golf ball

Royce Shook · My thanks to George and the original author for this · Had William Wordsworth been a golfer, he would have written something like this about a golf ball ! · In My Hand, I Hold A Ball, · White and Dimpled, Rather Small. · Oh, How Bland It Does Appear, · This Harmless Looking Littl ...

4 years ago

Ode to Forgetfullness

Royce Shook · This post is for my friend Larry. Larry is a little forgetful, and he worries about it. We keep telling him that people at all ages forget things. In this wonderful song by Mack Dryden, (Ode to Forgetfulness) Mack references the "Threshold Syndrome" which affects all ages. More v ...

4 years ago

Ode To Saturday...My Favourite Day Of The Week

Jim Murray · I woke up with nothing on my mind today. I work really hard to make Saturdays like that. · On Saturdays, you do the things you want to do. Not the things you have to do. They may be things that need doing but the attitude that you have on Saturday is that you want to do them beca ...

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