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1 year ago

Promoting the labour force participation Of older Canadians

Royce Shook · In 2018 the government published a report on the labour force participation of older Canadians. It was relatively upbeat, and it saw a world where there would not be widespread labour shortages over the next 5 to ten years. Then the Pandemic hit in 2020 and we are still feeling t ...

1 year ago

Today is World Suicide Prevention day

Royce Shook · I had a young cousin that committed suicide. The fallout of his action lasted for years. Suicidal thoughts are complex. The factors and causes that lead to suicide are complex and many. No single approach works for everyone. What we do know is that there are certain factors and l ...

1 year ago

How Telepharmacy is Making a Difference During the Pandemic

Ellis Holloway · Telepharmacy is a type of pharmaceutical service wherein patients and pharmacists engage with each other remotely via communication and information technology services. · Telepharmacy, including most other services under telehealth for patients, is gaining more traction during th ...

1 year ago

Some Good News

Royce Shook · Some good news that we may have overlooked because of the Pandemic · In 2021 Defined Pension funds came through the pandemic in surprisingly good health, with solvency funding levels at new highs thanks to rebounding equity markets and high long-term bond yields. · The pandemic h ...

2 years ago

Ready to retire?

Royce Shook · Ten years ago I officially retired, however, actually retired 16 years ago and worked full and part-time for another six years. In those six years, I finally got around to finishing my retirement planning. I thought about retirement about four years before I retired and then I re ...

2 years ago

Walking in a Winter wonderland

Royce Shook · Deep winter, in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer in the Southern. Walking as an exercise can be done no matter where you live. It is harder to walk in the winter, because of snow and ice. However, malls are still open even in the Pandemic (as of the writing of Dec 2021) and they a ...

2 years ago

Women, retirement, and the Pandemic

Royce Shook · According to a story written by Kelly LaVigne, J.D. Vice President, Advanced Markets, Allianz Life the Pandemic has changed women’s views on retirement. · As some of the biggest impacts from the pandemic fade, women are indeed slowly returning to the workforce, but new data indic ...

2 years ago

Three pillar approach to retirement

Royce Shook · Governments the world over are struggling to cope as the number of people who are retiring grows. Not only are more people retiring, but we are living longer, and we are just coming out of a Pandemic which will slow economic growth. According to one study, indexing benefits and re ...

3 years ago

Be Kinder

Royce Shook · As individuals, we struggle every day to cope with the restrictions that we accepted to fight the Pandemic. However, as a society, we haven’t yet come close to reckoning with the impact this new (sur)reality has had on our collective mental health, and the long-term effects on fr ...

3 years ago

Our new normal

Royce Shook · COVID, the illness, and the restrictions put in place because of it caused many of us to rethink our values, our attitudes, and our life choices. A year ago, we were forced to change because of this Pandemic. We were told that we would be in it for the long haul, very few of us b ...

3 years ago

Time Passages

Royce Shook · We are still in the middle of the second wave of the Pandemic. Isolating is the norm and conversations with friends are done via phone, or by Facetime, or ZOOM. However, a vaccine is on the way, but until then, finding things to do that are interesting is becoming time-consuming, ...

3 years ago

Grieving in the time of COVID

Royce Shook · Grieving in the time of COVID. I have discussed the issue of grief many times, but our current pandemic is causing people problems with grieving. So far (September 3, 2020) COVID-19 has caused more than 894,000 deaths to date and left several million people mourning since the vir ...

3 years ago


Royce Shook · Happy Canada Day to all who live in this wonderful country. The Pandemic is still with us as we approach a new normal and we are unsure of what will bring us together and what may tear us apart. However, there are · always issues that can separate us, but we still are lucky to li ...

3 years ago

Yolds and expectations

Royce Shook · As yolds we are not just any group of old people, we are challenging the traditional expectations of the retired as people that will disrupt consumer, service, and financial markets. · We are one of the fastest-growing groups of customers of the airline business. We are vital to ...

3 years ago

Stages of Grief: Denial

Royce Shook · In this Pandemic a lot of people are facing the death of loved ones, loss of jobs or many other life events that cause grieving. Over the years I have talked about grief and most of my discussions have been based on the ideas of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, a Swiss-American psychiatris ...

3 years ago


Royce Shook · In the time of the Pandemic, we self-isolated or quarantined ourselves, which we needed to do. My question is how did you spend your day. I found that my routine did not change that much, and in some ways, I found that comforting and daunting.  · I wake up at 8:17 to the alarm, w ...

3 years ago

Personal Planning in a Pandemic

Royce Shook · We are in the middle of a Pandemic and we don’t know when we will see a new “normal” or what that will even look like. Seniors (those of us over the age of 60) are at higher risk of complications and death due to this new disease. We are also at risk every time the flu season com ...

4 years ago

Every day is a blessing

Royce Shook · Reading the reports that are coming out of the USA are scary. These are not the reports of the Pandemic, but the response to the ideas of physical isolation needed to protect people and save lives, that some on the right are putting out. · ”TV and radio personality Glenn Beck is ...

4 years ago

Is it time for a do over?

Royce Shook ·  What if today you could wipe the slate clean, start over, and write your own ticket? The Pandemic is giving us that opportunity.  Shops have boarded-up windows. Restaurants that were staples in my neighbourhood appear permanently closed. It takes one hour to get groceries, and I ...

4 years ago

When Business Leadership Fails during a Pandemic

Jim Taggart · Elderly people cowering in their cars, too scared to enter the grocery store because of the huge crowds of panicked shoppers who clean out many shelves, from cleaning products to toilet paper to non-perishable foods. · Individuals buying up cleaning products, only to turn around ...

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