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1 year ago

How To Improve Patient Experience For Your Dental Practice

Dr. Christopher Zed · Going to the dentist tends to undesirable for many people, whether it be a fear of getting work done in their mouth or perhaps not enjoying the feeling of sitting and waiting in a dental office. Dentists understand that this can sometimes be the case and strive to improve the exp ...

4 years ago

The Art of Being Patient With Yourself & Persistent With Your Craft

Jim Murray · There’s a passage that I just read in Bob Dylan’s outstanding autobiography, Chronicles Vol 1, where he talks about starting to write his own songs, which is not where he started his career as a musician and singer. He did, in fact, sing nothing but other people’s songs for the f ...

5 years ago

Another excerpt from Riding Shotgun to support my continuing appeal

don kerr · As part of my continuing effort to raise C$6,500.00 to enable me to publish my book for cancer patient and/or survivor caregivers, I am sharing a few of the stories in Riding Shotgun. The following was first published in August of 2013 on my site http://ridingshotgun.squarespace. ...

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