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3 months ago

Planning for retirement and finances

Royce Shook · Planning for retirement is an important financial consideration that requires careful thought and planning. Here are some steps you can take to plan for retirement: · Determine your retirement goals. Think about what you want your retirement to look like, and how much money you w ...

4 months ago

Ideas on saving money when travelling

Royce Shook · Plan ahead and book your travel in advance to get the best deals. · Look for deals and discounts on travel websites, such as Expedia or Kayak. · Use travel rewards credit cards to earn points or miles that can be used for flights, hotels, or rental cars. · Use budget airlines to ...

10 months ago

Ageing in Place in Canada, thinking about being safe, caring for others

Royce Shook · Staying financially secure · Understanding and planning for future expenses and staying informed about available income sources will help you maintain your desired standard of living. · Income sources may include personal retirement savings and investments, private and public pen ...

1 year ago

How vulnerable are YOU?

Royce Shook · We rely on so many services each day that we take for granted—clean water supply from our taps; electricity that powers all our appliances—fans, coffee pots, washer & dryer, ovens; cellular networks for Internet, cell phones, business; gas &/or electricity for our vehicles, and m ...

3 years ago

Effective Product Development

Justin Shimoon · There is a fine line between developing a product and developing a product effectively. Coming up with a product isn’t as hard as some like to say. It’s how the product is developed that’s the real challenge. There are various steps entrepreneurs must take in order to effectively ...

4 years ago


Royce Shook · Let’s confront it head-on; retirement is a major life transformation, like going off to university, getting a partner for the first time, or going back to living without children in your home. Retirement may take a little time to get used to; it took me eight years. Create a plan ...

4 years ago

Start earlier rather than later Part 1

Royce Shook · Planning for retirement should start earlier rather than later, but many of us put off this planning until we are in our mid 50’s. · But to have a prosperous retirement you need a plan. · Forming a program that allows you to plan for a retirement that is everything you dream it ...

5 years ago

The GM Cultural Shift & What It Really Means

Jim Murray · About a week ago now, General Motors announced that it was closing a plant in Oshawa along with four other plants in the US. · This closure would result in about 15,000 or so job losses in total and about 2500 in Oshawa. Of course, those 2500 direct job losses blow out into proba ...

5 years ago

One of my most important guiding principles...

Graham🐝 Edwards · I suppose there are some people who travel the roads of life without any guiding principles but I don't know any of them — these are the "rules and character" that regulate our thoughts and actions in everything that we do. I know many of us may not have them well defined or arti ...

6 years ago

The calm before the storm

Royce Shook · Hey, are you retired or you are thinking of retiring? 10,000 Boomers a day are still moving into retirement. Retirement could be part-time or it could be full time. However, you decide to take your retirement remember it’s OK. Everything is fine. Maybe you feel lost as you have w ...

6 years ago

Execution... the first in a series of thoughts

Graham🐝 Edwards · "Plan your work and work your plan"... simple, pithy, insightful, and used around the world. If you are not doing this then what are you doing?  · But what if you are doing this with all the effort and gusto you have, and still everything goes terribly wrong — I mean horribly (ju ...

6 years ago

A Case study in the Lessons of Problem Solving...

Graham🐝 Edwards · Believe it or not I am actually going to start by telling the story of my garage door opener (GDO), and meander my way through some thoughts on execution — And maybe something else, that at first blush may seem counter intuitive, but also worthy of consideration. Let's see how I ...

6 years ago

It "sorta" went according to plan... working in the spectrum.

Graham🐝 Edwards · We all love when it "goes according to plan" because it confirms we know what we are doing, we get to celebrate, and revel in the emotion that comes with winning — There is no denying it.  · We are also aware that no matter how much we plan and cover all of our proverbial bases i ...

7 years ago

"OK... what the #!@* went wrong?!"

Graham🐝 Edwards · "OK... what the #!@* went wrong?!" · I will go out on a limb and suggest that many of us, to one degree or another, have said something to this effect. For those of us who are a little more "over the top dramatic", I would suggest something even more "colourful is used".  · What ...

7 years ago

The struggles with having a PLAN B, but not so much with burning a few ships.

Graham🐝 Edwards · There is nothing better than a short road trip with three old friends* to generate a wide range of conversations and topics; the spectrum ranging from the benign, through the downright crass, to the "somewhat brilliant". One of these conversations brought out an idea that include ...

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    CDS Part Time Product Demonstrator CAN · Are you outgoing and enthusiastic about interacting with people? If promoting the best brands to today's shoppers sounds appealing, then Club Demonstration Ser ...

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