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2 years ago

From Chaos to Clarity of Purpose

Jim Taggart · Do you like a world that’s orderly, where at work you know what’s about to hit you–basically a predictable environment? · Or do prefer the unknown, never quite sure what each day will bring, and not just at work but your personal and family time? · Older folks will remember the c ...

3 years ago

Team Members Must Have A Purpose Bigger Than A Paycheck

Donald 🐝 Grandy PN · Have you noticed award-winning service? Happy, friendly team members who go the extra mile to satisfy their customers? In fact, for many people, service is the principle reason they remain loyal to a particular company. I’ve learned that what customers don’t see is largely respon ...

4 years ago

The Purpose of the Arts

Timothy Wall · If you're the type that wants high quality art, but isn't willing to pay for it, keep reading. · Buy some paints, canvas, brushes etc. and if you can paint anything close to fine art standards, the light bulb will go on. Same thing with any musical instrument. If you're lousy, yo ...

5 years ago

What a Sleepness Night Taught Me About Passion & Purpose

Kevin Pashuk · If you are one of those people who consistently have trouble sleeping, I have much empathy for you today. · Normally (and this drives my wife nuts) as I lay down in bed, my eyes start closing and I may even be asleep before my head hits the pillow. · I have a FitBit that record ...

5 years ago

Can Being Silly Have Purpose? Sure, Why Not?

Paul "Pablo" Croubalian · I've noticed something strange. At least, I think I did. So, I'm testing it before bringing to beBee's attention. I don't want to bring it to their attention before I'm sure. You see, these guys actually act when someone points out an issue.  · Go figure. · Don't they know that s ...

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