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3 months ago

Fifth Amendment Insanity

Jim Murray · The Fifth Amendment right regarding self-incrimination goes something like this “A form of privilege, set out in the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution, that gives an individual the right to refuse to answer any questions or make any statements that could be used in a crimina ...

4 months ago

The Reddington Files

Jim Murray ·

5 months ago

Positive thoughts count down to xmas 8

Royce Shook · Are you happy? This is an interesting question at this time of year; the stock and short answer is yes. Are you happy most of the time or just sometimes is another question that could be asked? There is a ‘Set Point’ theory of happiness and well-being that assumes we each have a ...

7 months ago

A life review

Royce Shook · Retirement is a time for a life review. Some of the issues to look at include questions about which roles and identities we present to others when we retire and try to re-invent ourselves. We may have to face the fact that we did or did not reach the goals we set for ourselves re ...

9 months ago

What's the purpose of it all?

Graham🐝 Edwards ·

1 year ago

Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray ·

1 year ago


Royce Shook · I was taking part in a one-on-one marketing survey, which I thought would be interesting to do. The young lady sat me down, I put on the special glasses I was to wear and then went and completed the task she asked me to do. When I had finished she said that I would have a number ...

1 year ago

Insincerity vs. Authenticity

Renée 🐝 Cormier · I really despise insincerity in people. I'd rather someone were honestly rude and completely dismissive of me than ingenuine with me.  · We often hear people described in terms of their degree of authenticity. Being your authentic self is about accepting who you are and living wi ...

2 years ago


Jim Murray · As we trudge through the long days of the plague that has been unleashed on the world we find ourselves with a lot of time to think. · As a writer, which is something I have been all of my adult life, I tend to make little notes to myself. Things I wonder about. Questions I don;’ ...

3 years ago

Surrender the narrative

Graham🐝 Edwards · Why would anyone ever want to surrender the podium and in effect give the microphone to a substitute? It just seems very counter intuitive; after all, who can tell your story better than you? More affectionately called the narrative, this is the story we tell others (and ourselve ...

3 years ago

How to Answer the No. 1 Job Interview Question

Justin Shimoon · "Why should I hire you?" is a question asked in practically every job interview. As simple as it is, the interviewee's answer could make or break the chance of obtaining the job position. · Within this question is the underlying curiosity of what makes a job-seeker different from ...

3 years ago

Questions to stimulate your thinking about retirement

Royce Shook · Here are four questions that hopefully will stimulate your thinking about your retirement planning. They are easy questions that are very hard to answer. In your answers think about the pictures and images they call to your mind. There is no correct or wrong answer. You will, how ...

4 years ago

Ask These Questions Before Talking on Leadership

Justin Shimoon · When you are in a leadership role and have headed a company for a reasonable amount of time, chances are you will be asked to speak on leadership to a diverse audience. The types of viewers can be anywhere from high school aged students, college students, young professionals, old ...

4 years ago

Questions for end of life planning 2

Royce Shook · Do your children know who your professional team is? · As you prepare the legal documents you will be choosing people that you trust and who know you, in some cases, this person may be an adult child. The children should know if you have called in other professionals who can hel ...

4 years ago

Ask Your Friends This Question!

Renée 🐝 Cormier · I’ve been reading a book called 80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall. I like reading business books and believe that anyone in business needs to make a point of learning everything they can about sales and marketing. I can honestly say that this book does have some value i ...

5 years ago

"No... I'm good... I've got it... I can take it from here."

Graham🐝 Edwards · I suppose I simply want to pose this question... "Considering you didn't know how to do it in the first place and needed help, why would you believe you know what to do next?" The question isn't to anyone in particular — although I suspect you may have asked or been asked this qu ...

5 years ago

What could you do with 30 minutes?

Royce Shook · An interesting question is it not? · Many of us complain we have no time, but I bet you could find 30 minutes in a 24 hour period which has a total of 1440 minutes. 30 minutes is only 2% of your day. So what can you do in 30 minutes? · If you want to be healthier, maybe you go f ...

6 years ago

Quick Question About Organic Reach of LinkedIn Status Updates

Anne 🐝 Thornley-Brown, MBA · What's up with LInkedIn's crazy algorithm for status updates? · The organic reach still is terrible but if you do a text update, the reach is much further than if you include an image. · Anyone else seeing this? · "

6 years ago

HSHS Vol 24: Censorship: To Cut Or Not to Cut, That Is the Question

Jim Murray · Preface: This marks the 24th installment of the ongoing verbal contretemps between Phil Friedman Murray and me. Here we've tackled a serious and complicated topic that should be of concern to every user of social media. We raise several questions, make a few suggestions, and leav ...

6 years ago

Wanna know how you are doing?

Graham🐝 Edwards · "OMG! It's going to hell in a hand basket, it's over... it's done! I will save you the trouble and throw myself under the bus... a complete failure!" Dramatic maybe, but have you ever taken this kind of perspective with something?  Wait before you answer... · You then look for an ...

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