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7 months ago

Don't Call Me A Masseuse.

Robert Cormack · A short story about massage therapy. · Courtesy of Unsplash“Dear “big” girls. Don’t be afraid to get on top. If he dies, he dies.” Anonymous · I’ve got strong thumbs. Nobody realizes how strong they are until they get on my table. Some of my clients are big girls. For whatever re ...

4 years ago

It may now be time to alert Search & Rescue

don kerr · In November of 2016, I produced a bit of honey here that garnered some attention. · https://www.bebee.com/producer/@don-kerr/are-the-bebee-waters-getting-choppy-time-to-launch-a-rescue-vessel · In the article, I posited that beBee was experiencing some evident growing pains but t ...

4 years ago

The Song.

Robert Cormack · The Song. · The following is a poem from “Life as a Bean,” a children’s book in search of a publisher. It consists of 112 parables of life that may or may not be inspirational (depending on your love of horses, vegetables and other nonsense): · A man wrote a song, a very nice son ...

4 years ago

Avoiding Groupthink: Coming up with Better Team Decisions

Anne 🐝 Thornley-Brown, MBA · Robert Cormack and  Gert Scholtz have inspired me but my response to them is too long for a buzz.  · Groups and teams are increasingly important as organizations become increasingly complex. I agree with Robert and Gert. The way in which groups and teams are used in the decision- ...

5 years ago

A covenant for honouring children

don kerr · Jena Ball's superb posting (https://www.bebee.com/producer/@jena-ball/the-science-of-kindness) is the inspiration for this post as well as Robert Cormack's contribution to the commentary thread on that post.  · Regular readers will know that I have two sons. Gabriel is eight and ...

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