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4 weeks ago


Timothy Wall · *HUGE ART SALE - 20% to 50% OFF! · Limited Time Offer · *Excludes Collector and Limited Editions · View all albums: · Log in or sign up to view · See posts, photos and more on Facebook. · https://www.facebook.com/exportrait/photos_albums

2 months ago

My Soul Is Not For Sale

Jim Murray · There is a wave of hatred and divisiveness spreading around the world. If I were a religious person I would solemnly proclaim that this is the work of Satan and his minions here on earth. · I am not religious, but I do believe that evil exists and in times of crisis, it rears its ...

5 months ago

Post from Nancy Pearl

Nancy Pearl · Why Scheduled News Bookings · Accounting is the job of preparing and tracking all daily business activities accurately, including available accounts payroll, sales, earnings, salaries and other financial matter · https://site-3304018-2522-2132.mystrikingly.com/blog/why-scheduled- ...

2 years ago

My Soul Is Not For Sale

Jim Murray · How many years can a mountain exist, · Before it is washed to the sea? · How many years can some people exist, 
 · Before they're allowed to be free? · How many times can a man turn his head, · Pretending he just doesn't see? · The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind · The ...

5 years ago

Everybody is in sales! And that means YOU!

Philippe Collard · My father was an “old style” professional salesman back in the 60s. He would go door-to-door trying to get people to buy his products (vacuum cleaners, pressure cookers, etc). When he came home, he told us (my mother, my brother, my sister and myself) about his day. This is when, ...

5 years ago

8 Fresh Attitudes about Sales

Chris Spurvey · Recently I surveyed a group of people under forty years old and of various backgrounds. Of the one hundred people, 70% indicated that they either own their own business or plan to in the near future. The lure of the start-up culture is being compounded by stories of success in mo ...

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