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1 year ago

Review: The Gravity Thief: The Lucy Nightingale Adventure Series,

Norm Goldman · Nancy Kunhardt Lodge’s third work of fiction, · The Gravity Thief: The Lucy Nightingale Adventure Series, · employs elements of art history, science, time travel, the unexpected, and the supernatural as she skillfully reels you into the action · . · The starting point for the ...

1 year ago

Ivan and June.

Robert Cormack · A short story about advertising (sort of). · I once worked with a former mercenary. His name was Ivan and he still wore camouflage pants, Wellco boots, and a field jacket with a bullet hole. He said he got shot in a place called Kisangani, somewhere in the Congo. Ivan wasn’t your ...

1 year ago

Over My Shoulder

CityVP Manjit · The Paradox Wisdom Collection: Over My Shoulder [Paradox #45] ·                                       Reference: Sam Demma Post : CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS WISELY (OR ELSE...)                               https://www.linkedin.com/posts/sam-demma_choose-your-friends-wisely-or-else-acti ...

4 years ago

Mona Lisa's Ghost Authored By Nancy Kunhardt Lodge Reviewed

Norm Goldman · Author: Nancy Kunhardt Lodge · Publisher: Wilwahren Press · ISBN: 978-0-9960885-4-1 · Following her first in the Lucy Nightingale adventure series and the sequel to The Crystal Navigator, art historian, Nancy Kunhardt Lodge with her Mona Lisa's Ghost takes readers on a thorough ...

4 years ago

Why Every LinkedIn Group Owner Should Consider Carrying Their Group Over To beBee.

Jim Murray · Today I read an article on LinkedIn by Samantha Bailey. · https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/signposts-imminent-diminution-linkedin-groups-wither-die-bailey · In case you don’t know who Sam is, she is one of the world’s top LI analysts, and someone who has kept me and a lot of other ...

5 years ago

If You Want to Get Rich, Get Fired (But Have a Mouse in Your Pocket) Edit post

Robert Cormack ·   · I’m sure we’re all familiar with how Walt Disney was kicked to the curb from his first job for “lacking imagination and having no good ideas.” It seems like every motivational speaker brings it up at some point, telling us we all have to find our own potential, even if others ...

5 years ago

"Create from nothing."

don kerr · It was energizing to join Alan Geller's summer blockbuster party on beBee last night. Lots of fun elements and enjoyed the ongoing dialogue with participants. Alan's party was reflective of what I so much enjoy about this platform - the recognition of work/life integration. · Spe ...

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