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7 months ago

Review: Match: A Medical Murder Mystery

Norm Goldman · In Match: A Medical Murder Mystery, Amy S. Peele crafts a chilling intricate mystery around the investigation of the death of a living donor coordinator, Kayla Newman, who was a member of the staff at the San Francisco Global Organ Transplant Institute. · As the tale opens, S ...

1 year ago

Tis the Season

Graham🐝 Edwards · December is here, and if you’re operating to the calendar year, it’s a time when all your efforts for the past eleven months are coming to an end — a time of final pressures and final celebrations, and a time to prepare for new beginnings. · Without fail, no matter what I’m juggl ...

4 years ago

Transcending the Virtual World: Are We Desperate for Real Connection?

Jim Murray · Preface:  The objective of this series is not so much to debate issues among its four co-authors, but to seed engagement and conversation pertaining to the topic at hand among our readers. We, therefore, solicit your questions, comments, and criticisms. And we welcome you to the ...

5 years ago

How to Be a Great Customer. Yes It's Worth It!

Paul "Pablo" Croubalian · Sarah Elkins' post, "Get Extraordinary Service, Be an Extraordinary Customer," inspired this one. I could just as easily have titled it, "We're All Idiots Sometimes." I enjoyed Sarah's post where she describes unusual steps taken to ensure a superior customer experience.  · It's ...

5 years ago

Storytelling and It's Importance in Sales

Chris Spurvey · I had the pleasure of interviewing my friend and fellow beBee'er Sarah Elkins for the latest It's Time to Sell podcast episode   · Sarah is a master storyteller and in this episode we deep dive into the elements of a good story. · Enjoy! · http://www.chrisspurvey.com/podcast/how- ...

5 years ago

How to be a Twitter Bad Ass: #2 The Following

Paul "Pablo" Croubalian ·                                       · This post is not about what you must do to be effective on Twitter. It’s not even about what you should do. This post is about what I did. I brought my Twitter following to over 2,000 in the first month. Then, I let it ride on autopilot. At ...

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