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11 months ago

Frauds and Scams A to Z

Royce Shook · The frauds listed at this link have been compiled by the Federal Government of Canada and the list is intended as a navigational aide, not as a comprehensive or official list of all scams affecting Canadians. · To view the site and for more information on the Frauds and scams lis ...

1 year ago

Frauds and Scams, Oh No!

Royce Shook · I received a call on my landline this morning about 10:30 AM that started “New customer” and went on claiming to be working in the security and fraud department of MY bank. Evidently, I had purchased something at 5:30 AM that they thought was suspicious and asked me to phone a nu ...

1 year ago

How you can help in your community during this time.

Royce Shook · Food Bank Donations · Food Donations are down & Demand is up. The food bank needs canned meats, canned tuna & salmon, pork & beans, rice, & other non-perishable items--or better yet--Cash, as this is better for their buying power. · Donate Blood Our hospitals still need blood su ...

1 year ago

COVID 19 Scams and things to do

Royce Shook · For those of you in BC and in Canada, here are some links that might help prevent you from being scammed and a list of some things to do when you self-isolate. The COVID 19 disaster has brought out the best in most people, but it has also brought out the worst in others. There ar ...

3 years ago

The 8th and 9th fraud used against seniors

Royce Shook · The 8th fraud used against seniors  are the Anti-aging Scams · Anti-ageing scams take many forms and the wording and specifics of the scams change all the time. If a product claims to reduce ageing, or make you feel or look younger, it is more likely a scam. The following is take ...

3 years ago

Protect yourself from Frauds and Scams

Royce Shook · To avoid being scammed you have to remain diligent and follow these steps: · Assess the validity of all messages that you receive from people and business that you do not know. That includes any unsolicited phone calls, people knocking on your door, emails sent you—even those tha ...

3 years ago

Frauds and Scams 2

Royce Shook · Scams are repeated because they work. The ones that work are often driven by financial life moments such as taxes, holiday shopping, and utility scams. Identity thieves and scammers often try new twists on old scams that worked in the past. So far this year, a number of different ...

3 years ago

Frauds and Scams 1

Royce Shook · One of the most requested workshops we get from senior groups is on Frauds and Scams. We talk about the top ten scams in Canada. The top ten scams in Canada in 2017 were: · 1. Romance scam ($17 million lost) · 2. Wire Fraud — "Spearphishing:'' $13 million lost · 3. Identity fraud ...

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