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4 months ago

Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray · The fact that the designs of new cars are all kind of running together these days shows a real lack of daring and creativity out there in the automobile design world. Just yesterday I saw a Cadillac and a Hyundai, both SUVs, parked side by side. Damned if I could tell them apart. ...

5 months ago

Caramel Custard Pastries

Shop Serano · Once hard, butter the sides of the ramekins above the level of the · caramel. For the · custard, whisk the eggs, vanilla extract and caster sugar together in a bowl. · For more information to visit our official website · or feel free to contact us 416.462.2735

6 months ago

Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray · Pic De Jour · I call this one Sunset Stroll. One of the things we get often over here on the quiet side of the lake are good sunsets. This on is just up at the top of my street.

6 months ago

Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray · Pic de Jour · I call this sunset over Oakville as seen from the quiet side of the lake.

2 years ago

On The Other Side Of Your Fear

Jim Murray · I am weary. · I am worn down by my own human desire to be aware of what’s going on. · I have had my brain fractured by stainless steel paradoxes, lie after lie after lie playing out on a 50 million watt lit stage until nobody, including me, knows what to believe anymore. · Everyw ...

4 years ago

Look on the bright side

Royce Shook · Little can ease the suffering or stem the pain over lives lost and careers halted,  but human nature is every bit as resilient and courageous as mother Earth, and we are simply awed by what we see unfolding.  · On the very bright side,  never in peacetime history has there been s ...

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