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9 months ago

How I Came To Understand Coaching

Jim Murray · You see a lot of posts on social media from people who encourage you to do things like ‘live your best life’ and ‘speak truth to power’. They tell you that you are your own best friend and that everybody is special in their own unique way. · A lot of these people are coaches of o ...

2 years ago

Fun ideas to keep you young

Royce Shook · 1. Make vanilla pudding Put in the mayo jar. Eat In public. · 2. Hire two private investigators Get them to follow each other. · 3. Wear a shirt that says "Life." Hand out lemons on street comer. · 4. Get Into a crowded elevator and say "I bet you're all wondering why 1 gather ...

3 years ago

My Sort-Of Vacation

Jim Murray · When you run a one man business, one of the things that is hardest to come by is vacation time. · Usually these vacations come in the form of long weekends, or an odd day in the middle of a week when you are in the eye of whatever cyclone you are working on. · But every so often ...

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