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4 years ago

My New Mantra

Jim Murray · I just came across this wonderful document over in the Lumpy Kingdom of The Microsoft Hamsters, where I go occasionally because I still have peeps there that I am trying to recruit to beBee. · This is evidently some sort of letter of agreement created by a Chicago design firm. It ...

4 years ago

The Writer's Muse & Where It Lives

Jim Murray · Writers and artists talk often about their muse. The person or thing that buoys their spirit and allows them to take their work to new levels and all that good stuff. · My wife Heather started off being my muse. She would read my work and tell me how exceptional I was, and it wou ...

5 years ago

10 Things That Can Hurt Your Business, And You Probably Don't Even Know You're Doing Them.

Jim Murray · Just time for a short one today. We're off to St Catharines to do legal stuff and find some flooring for our new house. · This is a listicle I put together a while ago for a small business network group I was talking to. Since there are a lot of entrepreneurs and starter-uppers ...

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