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11 months ago


Royce Shook · Generosity is not something that comes easily to many. We become trapped in our own circle and as we age, some of us begin to focus inward. We do not focus on the greater good, but on the greater good for us or those close to us. We think we are generous because we help close fam ...

1 year ago

Mind, spirit, body

Royce Shook · Celebrated poet and novelist, Rainer Maria Rilke wrote when he was ill with leukemia: · “We were such wonderfully good friends, my body and I, I don’t know at all how it happened that we separated and became foreign to each other.” · For those who have a serious illness or chro ...

2 years ago

Let Your Soul & Spirit Sing

Jim Murray · This is a post written earlier in the century when my column, The Couch Potato Chronicles was in full swing. Nothing really changed very much in this regard since then, so I thought you might enjoy it, he said presumptuously. PS The image above is a miniature room setting created ...

4 years ago


CityVP Manjit · Enis is a great addition to the club and when he speaks about abundance to the club, he represents that very spirit.  There is no congruence between who he actually is and what his message is.  It is not useful to call that authenticity but it is useful to call it flow.  He is pa ...

4 years ago

That which inspires...

Graham🐝 Edwards · It is that time of the year when a young man's thoughts turn to the next 365 days, the plans needed to get you where you want to go, and that which inspires. I just finished updating and reposting a blog entitled "Write something down... anything!" which offers a perspective on t ...

4 years ago

Write something down... anything!

Graham🐝 Edwards · Louis CK* does a very funny routine and in it talks about how he is so very proud of himself for just thinking about doing something and revels in how wonderful he is for just having had the thought. He does point out he never really seriously came close to doing it though.  · In ...

5 years ago

Fighting Spirit

CityVP Manjit · A couple of weeks ago I introduced the theme of "Fighting Spirit" to the club members. As I proceeded with the theme, I first asked the members to come up the first thing that entered their mind when I asked the question : · What is the Opposite of Fighting Spirit? · They were al ...

5 years ago

Work / Life Balance - and other Fallacies

Kevin Pashuk · There is much information available today on work / life balance.  I've tried for years to achieve it, and came to the conclusion that sitting in the middle of this continuum is a grand exercise in futility. · The problem for me is that there are so many more facets who I am and ...

5 years ago

Steve Jobs … The True Spirit Of Apple

Jim Murray · "You and I have memories · Longer than the road that stretches out ahead..." · Lennon/McCartney · Can you believe that come this October it will have been 5 years since Apple creator/founder/chief inspiration officer Steve Jobs passed away? · Damn…time flies whether you are havin ...

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