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6 months ago

Thinking of starting a new hobby

Royce Shook · Starting a new hobby can be a great way to stay busy and engaged during Spring. Here are a few ideas for hobbies you might enjoy: · Knitting or crocheting: These crafts are relaxing and can be done while watching TV or listening to music. You can make scarves, hats, blankets, and ...

7 months ago

Persephone, Goddess of Spring

Jaclyn DeMars · #illustration  #persephone  #queenoftheunderworld  #goddessofspring 

1 year ago

I sit beside the fire and think

Royce Shook · A nice poem by · J R R Tolkien · I sit beside the fire and think · Of all that I have seen · Of meadow flowers and butterflies · In summers that have been · Of yellow leaves and gossamer · In autumns that there were · With morning mist and silver sun · And wind upon my hair · I sit ...

1 year ago

Pic de Jour:

Jim Murray · I live just a few blocks from the Welland Canal. Hopefully in the spring, when I have learned to operate my bike again. I will be able to take a ride down there again. If I can pull that off, I will be back pretty much as far as I can go, all things considered.

2 years ago

Spring has Sprung

Royce Shook · Get outside and enjoy the invigorating effects Mother Nature has to offer. · In my area Spring has officially arrived, where my daughter lives it is now Fall. In the fall I will post about the joys of the Fall season, but I love spring because it means nicer weather and more dayl ...

2 years ago

Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray · Pic de Jour · A smaller north end house. where spring has definitely sprung.

2 years ago

Sliding to the Beach

Royce Shook · I was aimlessly wandering through the Facebook posts I have saved, and I saw a video of young kids sliding down the stairs through boxes. The cardboard boxes were meant to make sliding down the stairs more fun and appear to be more dangerous to the kids. I've been thinking a lot ...

4 years ago

Spring is a time for renewal

Royce Shook · It is May Spring is in the air. Spring is a time for renewal and planning for new adventures. Take a few minutes and think of what is it that you'd really, really like to see happen in your life. Ask yourself why have you not visualized this in a really, really long time? · What ...

5 years ago

Some Fun Winter facts

Royce Shook · Today is the first day of Spring in North America, and Winter is to look forward to or back on with respect. Here are some interesting facts about winter weather from the good folks at · Mental Floss · There are more facts so visit their site to see all of the interesting facts t ...

6 years ago

Winter to Spring

Royce Shook · Spring is in the air, the calendar said Spring came almost a month ago, however, many trees are bare, and winter still seems to be holding on. One of the things I learned in over time is that when you watch and observe very closely on a daily basis, change can become magical. · L ...

6 years ago


Royce Shook · Spring is wonderful,  I walk almost every day. My walks take me along the Fraser River and normally there are not many people walking when I am out and about. On my walks, I have time to think and to watch the world as it unfolds in my tiny universe. Over the next few weeks, the ...

6 years ago

Icy Roads

Royce Shook · I was watching TV and they reminded us that although Spring had arrived there were still icy roads in the mornings and if you were travelling you should be prepared for any and all conditions. They suggest that anyone travelling in icy conditions should make sure they have the fo ...

6 years ago

Spring Renewal

Royce Shook · As we move into Spring, out of the depths of winter I am enjoying the west coast sunshine (read rain) and I am looking forward with joy to Spring with its stunning colours, wildly serrated edges, oceans of emotion, mountains of possibilities, worlds of talent, and complex energie ...

6 years ago


Royce Shook · This is the time of renewal,  · fall is fading,  · winter is drawing near.  · We will soon be in the darkness of winter  · when dreamers  · dream of renewal  · lovers dream of love  · poets and writers dream--just dream. · While dreams are just dreams · sometimes they can come tr ...

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