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1 year ago

Pic de Jour

Jim Murray · When you move to St Catharines from Toronto, you don't think much about going to Welland, The Falls, Port Colbourne or Fort Erie. Because they are all within an area about the size of the GTA. So this was shot just down the street in Welland.

4 years ago

Chiropractors & Me…Or My No Longer Achin’ Back

Jim Murray · My relationship with the chiropractic profession goes all the way back to my childhood in the 1950s. · I was a bedwetter. Which is something that very quickly gets to be a nuisance. And since my mother hated nuisances, she took me to see my first chiropractor. · He laid me down ...

4 years ago

Pseudo Retirement: Or The Life Lessons I Am Learning At The Moment

Jim Murray · My wife and I moved to St Catharines from the hustle and bustle of Toronto at around this time of year, three years ago now. · She had retired from her school administrator position and really didn’t see hanging around in Toronto as any sort of viable option. And since this, mean ...

4 years ago

Starin' At The Trees...A Gallery

Jim Murray · I have been a photographer since way back in the 1970s. For several years I even got paid for it and got to travel all over my country to do it. Mostly I worked for magazines and advertising agencies and photographed people, famous and otherwise. And it was great. But my real joy ...

4 years ago

The Next Big Thing (For Me, At Least)

Jim Murray · While I did not ‘retire’ in the classical sense, moving from Toronto to St Catharines (Ontario/Canada) has brought about a good deal of change in my life. · One of the most significant of those changes is that I no longer having to maintain any sort of breakneck work pace which l ...

4 years ago

Bridging The Great Divide

Jim Murray · My sister came over for our pre-Christmas turkey dinner last night. · The main reason for this is that, since we moved to St Catharines, we have our official Christmas Day dinner at my son’s house, this pre-Christmas Christmas dinner is how we get to have a turkey of our own, whi ...

5 years ago

Reflections On My First Year On The Quiet Side Of The Lake

Jim Murray · Since I will be cutting back my op/ed blogging frequency here, I decided to go with a consistent name, as you can see from the graphic above. I’ll try and put together one post a week. If you want to read more of my stuff, you can find it at: https://www.bulletproofconsulting.ca/ ...

6 years ago

The Larger Business Lessons From My Recent Home Renovation

Jim Murray · Today is the beginning of the tenth month in our new home in St Catharines. · During that time, quite a few things have happened around the house to the tune of close to well, let’s just say middling to high five figures, and we’re not done yet. · What we are done with is hiring ...

6 years ago

Zen & The Art of Pool Maintenance

Jim Murray · There are nights, mercifully not every night, when you just can’t shut down your engines. Some nights it’s your mind that’s racing, other nights it’s your body that just won’t get comfortable in a prone position.. · For me tonight it’s a little of both, featuring a cramp in my ri ...

6 years ago

Dispatches From The Quiet Side Of The Lake* Part One

Jim Murray · This is the first in a series of posts in which I attempt to describe my adaptation to a new environment that is radically different from the environment in which I toiled for the past half century. This will just be an occasional thing and who knows how short the half life will ...

6 years ago

The Boomer Takes A Stay-cation

Jim Murray · My dear friend Shelley Brown, ever the wit and also the inspiration for this series, has started calling me the Boomur. I kinda like it although it’s maybe a little to specific for these posts. But it's always good to have a nickname. · There was a time when the Boomer lived an o ...

6 years ago

Post Cards From Another Part Of My Brain

Jim Murray · I have not been a photographer for as long as I have been a writer, but pretty damn close. I got into photography on the advice of a photographer friend name John Wild who actually found me my first SLR camera and coerced me into buying it on the promise that it would make me a b ...

6 years ago

The House Price Boom In Toronto And Why It Basically Sucks.

Jim Murray · On Monday my wife and I ventured back to Toronto to touch base with our kids over lunch and dinner. It was my first time back in since Christmas. I found it quite disconcerting to be back in the fast paced environment in which I had thrived for pretty much all of my adult life. B ...

6 years ago

Sitting Here In Limbo By The Lake

Jim Murray · "Sitting here in limbo · But I know it won't be long · Sitting here in limbo · Like a bird without a song · Well, they're putting up a resistance · But I know that my faith will lead me on · Sitting here in limbo · Waiting for the dice to roll · Sitting here in limbo · Got some t ...

6 years ago

The Top 10 Things I Have To Do Today 'Cause It's Saturday

Jim Murray · It's Saturday here in the lovely little city of St Catharines. The rain, which fell over the last 30 hours or so has stopped. The sun is on its way out and promising to warm things up to at least 10˙ C. · We have just had almost the entire first floor of our house remodeled so I ...

6 years ago

The Positive Effects of Peninsula Living On A Tightly Wound Toronto Guy

Jim Murray · Because of the Sunday memorial service for my brother Bob, the Digital Sunday Paper will be appearing a day early. If this screws up your weekend, I apologize. But there will simply be no time to post it tomorrow., · My wife Heather and I have been living here in St Catharines O ...

6 years ago

Life On The Quiet Side Of The Lake

Jim Murray · It has been exactly two months since the first day I woke up in this house. The differences between then and now are, as I think about them, quite astonishing. · For most of my adult life I have been running. Expending energy at a substantial rate, pushing hard, moving fast, dodg ...

6 years ago

The Financial & Emotional Mechanics Of Leaving Toronto

Jim Murray · My wife Heather and I recently went through the (unexpectedly painless) process of selling our house in Toronto and moving to what my friend Kevin Pashuk refers to as 'the quiet side of the lake",  a small city called St Catharines, at the Northern end of the Niagara Peninsula. T ...

6 years ago

Goodbye Toronto, Sorta Kinda

Jim Murray · Today is the last day we will spend in the house we moved into 14 years ago. · Over those years we completed refurbished this house and made it really comfortable for us. But to tell you the truth, I'm really looking forward to living in a smaller place. I have grown a bit weary ...

7 years ago

Greetings From The Dark Ages

Jim Murray · This is Jim. Actually it is Jim yesterday. Writing from the Dark Ages. You know the time before the Internet. · It’s my guess that a lot of you don’t remember that time. Maybe a lot of you were just knee high to a grasshopper back then. But I remember. · We have just taken posse ...

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