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2 months ago

Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray · I remember reading a story about Jackson Browne wanting to be a songwriter and not a performer. What a mistake that would have been. IMHO he is one of the most articulate lyric writers in modern music.

4 months ago

Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray · I saw this today and had to repost it. What a great story this photo tells.

5 months ago

The Party

Allan Latimer · This story is not to be confused with the famous, yet inappropriate Peter Sellers movie of the same name. This, is the story of a young lad, out of his depth, which is usually where humor begins. · I often think about the first time I went to a high school party. I was never real ...

6 months ago

Post from Levan Johnson

Levan Johnson · Would love people to join my beBee group, Loving Music. · Loving Music · Post your favorite stories about musicians, lyrics to your f ... · https://ca.bebee.com/hive/loving-music

10 months ago

New Year's Resolutions 2

Royce Shook · 2020 was a tough year, it started fine but in March the year blew up and everyone had to cope with a new world, Some did it well, others had problems coping and some are still hiding away. 2021 gives us a chance to continue to build our new world and to write our story with us as ...

11 months ago

Get Out!

Royce Shook ·  It is tough being in a lockdown and one day we will move back to normal. A vaccine is soon to be ready for us. The temptation once the vaccine is ready will be to get out, get out, get out even more! · The reason that we want to get out is not only because we are a social animal ...

1 year ago

Every picture tells a story

Royce Shook · With time on my hands I have been digitising old slides, not slides of places but slides of people. We all know that it is not remarkable when looking back how images create feelings and transport us back to another time. Every picture tells a story don’t it  or says Rod Stewart ...

1 year ago

Moments — I've always liked this story and wanted to share

Graham🐝 Edwards · A man was walking along minding his own business when inexplicably he fell into a hole, and as much as he tried, he just couldn’t get out. As he looked up he could see people walking by and started asking for help. · Soon after a doctor stopped. After assessing the situation he w ...

1 year ago

What's the story here?

Royce Shook · Men and women see the same things through different lenses, here is an oldie but a goodie that illustrates the point. The story is taken from Women vs Men & Men vs Women · By Ian Black, Lesley Riddoch. This is a very funny book and I recommend it to you. · Her Side of the Story: ...

1 year ago

Surrender the narrative

Graham🐝 Edwards · Why would anyone ever want to surrender the podium and in effect give the microphone to a substitute? It just seems very counter intuitive; after all, who can tell your story better than you? More affectionately called the narrative, this is the story we tell others (and ourselve ...

1 year ago

Fake news?

Royce Shook · Fake news is a problem we are faced with daily. I thought the problem was limited to National and International stories, but it is also affecting local stories. · In our local paper, there was a story called, "Someone is stealing our stories." · When I read the story I thought it ...

2 years ago

What is your story?

Royce Shook · Stories help you make sense of your life -- but when these narratives are incomplete or misleading, they can keep you stuck instead of providing clarity. How do you break free from the stories you've been telling yourself by becoming your own editor and rewriting your narrative f ...

2 years ago

Review: Resilience: One Family's Story of Hope and Triumph Over Evil

Norm Goldman · Author: Dr. Judy Stone · Publisher: Mountainside MD PRESS · ISBN: 978-0-9749178-2-5 · There have been dozens of books authored by second-generation children of Holocaust survivors that have been trying to make sense of their backgrounds by delving into the horrendous past experie ...

2 years ago

Time goes by so slowly...

Royce Shook · As we were driving home my wife said that time seems to be flying by, which is good because we are waiting for my daughter to come home from Australia for a visit. As our sense, that time was going faster meant that she would be here sooner. But it also meant that when she was he ...

4 years ago

Why we love certain books

Royce Shook · There are books that speak to my soul and feel as if the author knows and understands me. Here is one explanation of why we love certain books. In the plot, we move from one important moment directly to the next – whereas in life there are endless sub-plots that distract and conf ...

4 years ago


Royce Shook · I love a good story as do all of us. Stories help us understand and put order into the chaos that we live every day. We get up in the morning and we have no idea what will happen to us as we live out the story of our lives. Today we could be a hero, a victim, a villain, a bystand ...

4 years ago

A challenge

Royce Shook · I am responding to a challenge on one of the bogs I read, BrewNspew · This week the event is to Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word grandparents. Try your skill.  · Pictures of  my grandparents I hold dear · Which comforted me as I gained in years  · What stor ...

4 years ago

All the world's a stage...

Royce Shook · .... and all the men and women merely players.   - William Shakespeare  · Do you  · expect people to behave a certain way and at a certain time?To react a certain way?To say a certain thing?To send the correct emoji response to my last text?If you do, then you have probably been ...

4 years ago

The tyranny of secrets - stories not told

don kerr · “E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle. · And so we came forth, and once again beheld the stars.” · William Styron · © Copyright 2017, Don Kerr, Don Kerr Writes - All rights reserved. · don@donkerrwrites.com · https://donkerrwrites.squarespace.com · https://ridingshotgun.squarespa ...

4 years ago

Seniors realize there are no answers, only stories

Royce Shook · “If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people.” ― Virginia Woolf · We were sitting after golf and the conversation drifted around to how we had learned our craft, (most of us the hard way). One of my younger friends told his story. · I was ins ...

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