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8 months ago

Volume 17: Two Plants That Can Save The World • The Baltimore Wood Project • A Whale Of A Tale

Jim Murray · Two Plants That Can Save The World · The more you look around the natural world the more you encounter ideas that have literally been around since the era before Christ. · Hemp and bamboo are two such ideas. These are, by any measure, amazing plants. They can grow virtually anywh ...

1 year ago

REVIEW: In the Shadow of Gold: A Tale of the Lost Confederate Treasure

Norm Goldman · Author: Michael Kenneth Smith · ISBN: 9798684953736 · Michael Kenneth Smith’s compelling and imaginative historical novel, · In the Shadow of Gold: A Tale of the Lost Confederate Treasure, · unfolds in June 2020 on an opulent estate, known as the Arvin property, where we meet bil ...

2 years ago

Review: The Best People: A Tale of Trials and Errors

Norm Goldman · Every profession has its share of "rotten apples," and the world of lawyers is certainly not immune. These are characters that may not precisely cross the line of unlawfulness, nonetheless, they think very little of committing shady acts that are unethical. Lying, bullying, and m ...

4 years ago

A Tale Of Two Commercials

Jim Murray · A couple of weeks back, Pepsi created a horrendous commercial which starred Kendall Jenner, who, evidently, is one of the famous for being famous Kardashians. · https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73P9STckPLw · This commercial, by any objective standard of measurement, was a complete ...

5 years ago

Tale of Tales

Nick Mlatchkov · Tale of Tales '15 · Jun 7, 2016 · This recent Italian film of Matteo Garrone's certainly gonna stay in the public attention for a long time. There's nothing like it in theaters nowadays. It's strictly in the artistic tradition of his country dating back to the 60's & 70's. Sonica ...

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