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2 months ago

Some Tips to help plan for retirement

Royce Shook · My daughter became an Australian citizen a few years ago so I tend to be interested in events down under and how they might affect my daughter's situation. She works and will retire in Australia, so when I came across this article in the Women’s Agenda I thought I would share. · ...

3 months ago

Writing Tips You Won't Get Anywhere Else.

Robert Cormack · Mostly because they're rude, insensitive and probably right. · “People think I must be a strange person. That is not correct. I have the heart of a small boy. It’s in a jar on my desk.” Stephen King · Let me start by dropping a small bomb on the notion that writing every day will ...

8 months ago

Best Tips for Winning Cover Letters

Pina Rossi · If you are anything like me, you have been unemployed for approximately one year. I spend on average 50 percent of my time applying for jobs with little to no calls back. After months of wondering why I was not being considered, I decided to revaluate my resume and cover letters. ...

10 months ago

Email Marketing Tips For Small Business

Justin Shimoon · Small business owners should then pay close attention to the suggestions and tips you will find in this article. These suggestions will help you make your emails stand out from the rest and have a higher chance of being opened by your recipients. Keep in mind that the people who ...

2 years ago

Counterintuitive Tips for Success | Sol Maya Trickey, Vancouver

Sol Trickey · Perseverance and practice are some of the common themes of success. However, there are some things that people don't really consider when it comes to being successful. A person can experience success by taking the road less traveled and following some of these counterintuitive ti ...

4 years ago

Gardening Tips for Beginners

Royce Shook · It is the middle of winter, and it snowed yesterday, but today the sun is out, and I thought it is never too early to think about gardening. March will be here in less than a month and Spring is not far behind. Over the next few posts, I am going to focus on gardening. · If you a ...

4 years ago


Dominique 🐝 Petersen · I have seen many examples on the Internet of poorly designed book covers, especially eBook covers. In fact, there is a site at LousyBookCovers.com filled with pictures of book covers that authors have done themselves. Take a look and be amazed! · Here are 10 mistakes that I have ...

4 years ago

Develop Killer Instincts: 3 Tips

Charlene Norman ·   · Lately, I have been getting asked more frequently for tips for improving the killer instinct.  FREE Please.  I am not sure if I am being tested or if folks really have no idea. · Killer Instinct Tip #1  Whenever something goes wrong in your world, remind yourself that Every ...

4 years ago

Try It ! beBee Fun Tricks - Calculate your social media ROI !

stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador · ARE YOU IN THE GAME OR NOT ? · For those considering blogging are professional activity, you might be experiencing trouble and headaches on the topic whether or not you should invest in YOU. · Regardless of should one pay & invest or get everything for granted or free, you might ...

4 years ago

Leadership and the Inter-Generational Divide: 12 Tips for Gen Y

Jim Taggart · This post is based on the last section section of my e-book Leadership and the Inter-Generational Divide: Issues, Trends and Solutions, 2nd edition”. The purpose in this post is to address the challenges that Generation Y (Millennials) is facing in a turbulent economy and job mar ...

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