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1 year ago

Tree De Jour

Jim Murray · This is up at the Lake at the top of Geneva Street

4 years ago

The Aberration At The Top

Jim Murray · This is a rant. It’s not sugar-coated or politically correct. But the essence of it is simple…it’s me being pissed off and fed up with all the bullshit floating around out there and magnifying a tiny speck of it as I am wont to do every so often. · So if this is something tha ...

4 years ago

The Frustrated Fans of That Other Four

CityVP Manjit · In recent months Tottenham have reduced an 18 point lead down to a 3 point cushion.  At the same time the chasing pack for a Top Four place in the Premier League have not taken advantage of the sheer amount of Tottenham slip ups.  Arsenal have lost three straight games.  Chelsea ...

4 years ago

5 Fact checking sites to use

Royce Shook · Have you ever received a Facebook post or a Tweet from a well-meaning friend or relative that appears to be reasonable and true on a quick read and you send it on? I used to that but I try not to do it anymore. There is so much fake information masquerading as the truth that we n ...

4 years ago

12 Dominoes from the Premier League Title

CityVP Manjit · Lately leading football pundits have had to inject a cavaet as they talk about whether Manchester City or Liverpool will lift the Premier league title this year.  That cavaet is an acknowledgement that Tottenham are "technically" still in the title hunt, though the thought of thi ...

4 years ago

Cold Feet Elite

CityVP Manjit · Mauricio Pochettino's strange comments this week after being eliminated from both domestic cup competitions have come under fire from commentators and pundits, and quite rightly so.  He said that winning trophies only build egos · to which observers countered why he would be so n ...

5 years ago

Update 2018 | BeBee's Worldwide Start Up ranking | Entering "Top 5 social networks"

stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador · More competition... but in TOP 5 SocialMedia's StartUP Club. · Brand Ambassador on a mission is a role that never sleeps. Aficionados, new users, keeping the information fresh on your smartphones, gives · you · a clear idea of · your immediate social media environment. · Here are ...

5 years ago

Top 10 Toxic Foods and Top 10 Healing Foods

Donald 🐝 Grandy PN · I eat pretty healthy already, but I still like to hear that what I'm eating is good for me.  · The best thing that you can do is educate yourself on toxic and healing foods because their affect can be different for everyone. None of this is breakthrough information, but if you ar ...

5 years ago

How do you measure success?

Royce Shook · I was thinking about my grandson and the twins and the joy they experience when they first succeed at something, anything.  We were in the park and one of the twins who are three, was trying to climb up the slide, it was steep for him and he slipped back at least a dozen times, b ...

5 years ago

The Top Ten Things I Hate About Winter

Jim Murray · I hate winters even if they are mild ones. · Now you would think that having spent my entire life going through Southern Ontario winters that I would have built up some sort of tolerance for them. · But that would be a false assumption. I hate everything about winter. The whole n ...

5 years ago

ROLLING STONE's Top 50 LP's of 2017

Nick Mlatchkov · #3 - U2, above: · The butt reigns in RS Top 50 LP's of '17. One in the nude - Kesha @ #4 (!?), one semi-clothed, of all of the 50 covers! · Jan Wenner's crew continue to hit permanent lows for years in succession. In a year when Rock climbed a step up, after 17 years in a steady ...

6 years ago

MUSICAL DECADES - 1960s - Girlfriends

Dominique 🐝 Petersen · We've taken a look at how girls saw their boyfriends back in the 1960s (see Part 1 and Part 2). Perhaps it's time now to see how the guys viewed their girlfriends in song. · Del Shannon (born Charles Weedon Westover; December 30, 1934 – February 8, 1990) was an American Rock an ...

6 years ago

Bullshit Marketing Terms The World Could Do Without

Jim Murray · This is a post I created over in the Lumpy Kingdom of the Microsoft Hamsters a while back, after soliciting participation from people in my network there. · ************************ · If you apply the 80/20 Differential to bullshit in marketing and communications, it states t ...

6 years ago

The Real Value Of My Network(s)

Jim Murray · I’ve been thinking about the value of networks, specifically the ones I have on LinkedIn, Facebook and beBee. Actually, I have two networks there. One is part of the other. · The Larger Network · There’s the larger network of about 4200 people, all tolled, with whom I am linked, ...

6 years ago

We beBee-lieve We could fly, we beBee-lieve we can touch the sky !

stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador · beBee made it in top 500 worldwide start-up ranks & Top 20 in Spain ! · Before Showing Details about beBee and how they made it to the top let's explain a few things here about the science of Start Up Ranking. (SR) · What is SR Score? · SR Score is a number between 0 and 100,000. ...

7 years ago

Lonely at the Top

Donald 🐝 Grandy PN · . · Most CEOs of large organizations have had the benefit of mentoring but, arriving at the top of a multi national global company can narrow the availability and options.  · Many global  companies would be happy to send their chief executive to a top management program but the ...

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