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1 week ago


Jim Murray · He is a sworn enemy of American democracy, and though he looks like a hobo most of the time, he actually is the glue that's keeping right wing fanatics stuck to Trump. · Guys like this are the people in America I understand the least. Crooked politicians I get. There's a lot of m ...

1 week ago

See This Country?

Jim Murray · It has a lot going for it and always has, ever since it was founded 250 odd years ago. · But times change and as the country grew, mostly due to robber barons, slave labour and hard working immigrants, its ideals tended to get pushed to the back burner as its power grew and its n ...

1 month ago

See this guy?

Jim Murray · See this guy? One of the scruffier looking people in America. But also a  dyed-in-the-wool anarchist. and IMHO, rebel without a clue.  He looks like an outlier, because Trump got rid of him, when he was on  the inside teaching Trump all the anarchist tricks. But make no mistake, ...

1 month ago


Jim Murray · The distinct possibility that Donald Trump will not do a day of jail time doesn't surprise me. America has pretty much always had one law for the rich and one for the rest. Will it be a travesty of justice? Probably. But one thing it won't be is any sort of shocker. In fact, I be ...

2 months ago

Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray · See this guy? Big time General in the USA. Made a big decision toward the end of the Trump presidency to make sure that Trump would not idiotically (like he did everything else) start a war with China. But with the way things are in the US these days, this guy will probably get t ...

3 months ago

How The Past Four Years Can Affect The Years To Come

Jim Murray · For the last several weeks I have been actively striving to avoid writing anything about Trump. I was able to do this because well, he was just another private citizen now, and because he's no longer president, I no longer found him interesting. · As an intellect, Trump · isn’t ...

5 months ago

The Idiot Class

Jim Murray · Since Donald Trump’s election to president, or perhaps a little before that, there was a class of Americans that nobody defined. · These were people who were poorly educated, or at least failed to actually learn much from whatever education they did have. · These are people who a ...

5 months ago

Just say 'yes' to 'no'.

William Lower · No sooner had I thought to myself “I have to stop being so cynical” when a little demon popped on my shoulder and whispered, “Ah, but there is so much material to work with.” · Positive thinking has gotten us nowhere. Forgive me for being pessimistic but we are on the brink of ex ...

5 months ago

The Cult of Donald J. Trump

Jim Taggart ·   · The first couple of years of Donald Trump’s presidency brought out armchair psychologists. Some of these individuals had work-based connections to the broad field of mental health and a few were actual psychologists, all of whom took aim at the controversial 45th president of ...

6 months ago


Pina Rossi · Being a gay woman in a modern world is quite challenging. Sure, it is easier than decades before when being someone that was attracted to the same gender meant being ostracized. It still has its challenges, however. The fact that I belong to the LGBTQ community helps me to feel l ...

6 months ago

How Donald Trump Played America—and Himself

Jim Taggart · This leadership post is a look back at one I wrote prior to Donald Trump becoming President of the United States. Much of the numbness from the Trump term has abated now that President Joe Biden has just passed his 100 days in office. However, there’s much uncertainty what the fu ...

8 months ago

One Canadian Who Won’t Be Ranting Today

Jim Murray · I haven’t done a good old fashioned rant in quite some time now. Or maybe I have and they are just becoming tamer because I have mellowed out a bit after Trump was exiled to the nether regions of the dubious billionaire universe. · It’s kind of hard to rant or even rail against t ...

8 months ago

Violence and Degradation In The Heart of Texas

Robert Cormack · Even ex presidents aren't safe down there. · “Good thing we’ve still got politics in Texas—the finest form of free entertainment ever invented.” Molly Ivins · It’s a disturbing sign of the times when an ex president is punched in the face — even if he deserves it. No doubt histor ...

8 months ago

How to Deal With Dumbasses.

Robert Cormack · Especially pandemic dumbasses. · “There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life,” Frank Zappa · Let’s look at this pandemic from a strictly layman’s point of view, since I’m a layman — and possibly a dumbass. As viruses go, this coronavirus ...

10 months ago

The Climax of Foolishness.

Robert Cormack · “Increasingly, people are willing to say and believe stuff that fits in with their view of how the world should be, even if it doesn’t have any basis in reality or fact.” Chris Jackson, pollster with Ipsos · Let’s not get hung up on the final days of Trump’s presidency. History w ...

10 months ago

One Plague Down, One To Go

Jim Murray · I spent a good amount of time over the past 4 years, watching and firing potshots at the political plague known as the Trump presidency. · And I had a very good reason for doing this. You see I have been a Trump watcher for quite some time. And for most of that time I have known ...

10 months ago

America, As Seen From The Outside Looking In

Jim Murray · More than a couple hundred years ago now, the United States of America was formed after a violent revolution against its British overlords. · And ever since then they have been at war with somebody or other, but mostly themselves. · I have only been an outside observer of th ...

11 months ago

Until We Know What Trump Will Do Next...Let's Talk Penile Implants.

Robert Cormack · It could help his last days in office. · “Women don’t suffer from penis envy. Men do.” Joseph Heller. · It’s been a joyless week in politics. Even the British oddsmakers weren’t getting takers on 10/1 odds Trump will win. Okay, he did win a lawsuit, causing a recount in Pennsylva ...

11 months ago

"Can We Hold Off Until After The Pig Races?"

Robert Cormack · America in summary: The country you wish you hadn't started a conversation with at a party. · “The Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work and then they get elected and prove it.” P.J. O’Rourke · By now, we’ve all heard of Mellissa Carone, the Dominion Voting ...

11 months ago

Figuring Yourself Out Through What You Believe

Jim Murray · I have always believed that the hardest thing to do in this life is to get to know yourself. · I suppose there are a lot of egotistical people who would disagree with me on that, and Lord knows there are a lot of highly self-involved people on the planet at the moment. · When ...

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