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Thank you Logan, UT, USA!

Timothy Wall ·

10 months ago

Eric Arnold - Financial Planning Services in USA

Eric Arnold · Eric Arnold provides some reasons why financial planning and #investment are important for all of us. To know more Contact us !

1 year ago


adeel mehmood · Online Quran classes · Female Quran educator gives "Online Noorani Qaida Course". Through this exhaustive and movable course, you or your kids can · Learn Quran · web based assembling in a couple of countries like USA, UK and Australia or wherever in the world with especially qua ...

1 year ago


Jim Murray · Another mass shooting in the good old USA. Happy Independence Day. This is the price that's paid for living in a gun culture. With no restrictions on weapons and no mental health programs to speak of. ·   · THE MYSTERY · Another senseless shooting · More families deep in pain  · ...

1 year ago


Jim Murray · See this guy? I can't really stand to look at another actual picture of him, so I've used a cartoon. But then I have never really thought of him as much more than that. There are a lot of people in America who sincerely wish that he would finally be indicted for something. Anythi ...

1 year ago

Why The United States Is Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Jim Murray · The good old USA is showing signs of unraveling. It took a long time but now the current confluence of events very much appears to be the beginning of the end of whatever this country called itself. A democratic republic or words to that effect. · The confluence of events I’m spe ...

2 years ago


Jim Murray · Here's how the world is doing in terms of vaccinations and un-vaccinated. Still a little ways to go. And you will notice that there is no data on Africa or Most of South America.

2 years ago

Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray · See this chart? It shows you who won the election that was held in Canada yesterday. What you don't see is a lot of hue and cry about how the election was rigged. You don't see a ton of people up in arms about how unfair everything was. You might hear about a few but there's alwa ...

2 years ago

Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray · See this guy? Big time General in the USA. Made a big decision toward the end of the Trump presidency to make sure that Trump would not idiotically (like he did everything else) start a war with China. But with the way things are in the US these days, this guy will probably get t ...

2 years ago

Retirement Trends Over the Past 10 Years

Royce Shook · I retired over 15 years ago, but stopped work less than 8 years ago, in that time trends in retirement have changed. The first surprise is that the trend to early retirement has ended and North Americans are starting to push back the time they are starting to retire. · We have be ...

3 years ago

Review: Reversing Alzheimer’s: How to Prevent Dementia and Revitalize Your Brain

Norm Goldman · Title: Reversing Alzheimer’s: How to Prevent Dementia and Revitalize Your Brain · Author: Dr. Timothy J. Smith · ISBN: 978-1-7350480-2-4 · Publisher: Hidden Path Publishers · Without a doubt, Alzheimer’s disease is the affliction of aging that alarms us the most. According to th ...

3 years ago

Every day is a blessing

Royce Shook · Reading the reports that are coming out of the USA are scary. These are not the reports of the Pandemic, but the response to the ideas of physical isolation needed to protect people and save lives, that some on the right are putting out. · ”TV and radio personality Glenn Beck is ...

4 years ago

Metabo Law

Donald 🐝 Grandy PN · Most people don't know and don't care that they are at the bottom of industrialized nations in many areas, including health. It is VERY difficult to get around it unless you spend a lot of money and time preparing or growing your own food. Health care is reactionary/emergency foc ...

4 years ago

What do I need to consider when retiring?

Royce Shook · There are three phases of retirement and I have discussed them but here are a few things you’ll have to pay attention to as you move to and through your stages of retirement: · Life expectancy. · The average life expectancy for those reaching age 65 in Canada is increasing and ...

4 years ago

The Times, They Are A Changin'

Jim Murray · I have spent the summer watching the world. And one thing we can always count on with the world is some new shit happening every day. · It can get very confusing if you try and keep up with it and report on it on any sort of regular basis, which I was doing for quite some time. · ...

5 years ago

Women in retirement

Royce Shook · Here are some sobering statistics about women and why they need to start saving for their own retirement so starts the article by a writer for Liberty Financial Services. Yes, the stats quoted are scary, as is the rest of the article. · Two of every five marriages end in divorce ...

5 years ago

Thinking of Retirement?

Royce Shook · If you are working and have been for a long time, you may be asking yourself, as my brother did this year, “When should I (or can I) retire?” · The official age of retirement in Canada is 65 in the USA it is 66. However, the average reported retirement age in 2016 for Americans w ...

5 years ago

The Average age of a widow or widower

Royce Shook · According to Census Canada, the average age of widowhood in Canada is just 56. · For men, the average age of becoming a widower is 65. What's more, a large percentage (43%) of Canadian seniors are single. · In the USA the average age of widowhood is 55, and 75 percent of women wi ...

5 years ago

Review: The Moving Blade: A Tokyo Mystery

Norm Goldman · Author: Michael Pronko · Publisher: Raked Gravel Press 2018 · ISBN: 978-1-9422410-16-4 · With his recent tome, The Moving Blade: A Tokyo Mystery Michael Pronko has given his readers a great deal to chew on and digest. He has crafted a yarn that includes a well-respected American ...

5 years ago

Update 2018 | BeBee's Worldwide Start Up ranking | Entering "Top 5 social networks"

stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador · More competition... but in TOP 5 SocialMedia's StartUP Club. · Brand Ambassador on a mission is a role that never sleeps. Aficionados, new users, keeping the information fresh on your smartphones, gives · you · a clear idea of · your immediate social media environment. · Here are ...

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