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3 months ago


Royce Shook ·  I met an anti-vaccer for the first time a few days ago and listened to why he was against getting a vaccine. None of his arguments made any sense but had enough plausibility to make some sense. He was a strong believer in his position and I could not sway him by presenting the t ...

6 months ago

The “Vaccine” and our Basic Human Rights

Randall Burns ·    Note; This article originally published here on Jan. 15, 2021 · This post has taken longer for me to write and publish than anything else I have ever written. I attribute this to 2 factors; · 1 – The explosion of information that is now coming out is overwhelming, I have been ...

11 months ago

Please stay healthy. Please stay safe. We will get through this.

Graham🐝 Edwards · The 2020, and soon to be 2021 pandemic is figuratively a party that everyone has been invited to — upon reflection I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who has not been effected by COVID-19. Tens of millions of people infected, millions of people dead, untold economic ha ...

1 year ago

Get Out!

Royce Shook ·  It is tough being in a lockdown and one day we will move back to normal. A vaccine is soon to be ready for us. The temptation once the vaccine is ready will be to get out, get out, get out even more! · The reason that we want to get out is not only because we are a social animal ...

1 year ago

"A Letter to a Friend"

Randall Burns · (Here's an email that I just sent to a friend of mine, I hope that you enjoy it.) · Hello Graham, · I hope that you're well. · I'm at the place where I need to "lay all of my cards on the table." This will either get you thinking, (Which is my intent), or it will alienate you, fo ...

4 years ago

Did you get your flu shot?

Royce Shook · Influenza is an infectious disease caused by a virus. Clinically it progresses as an acute inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. Its onset is usually sudden, from a state of full health. It often begins with chills, a headache and a fever rising to 39–40 °C. The ill person ...

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