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5 months ago

TV Review

Jim Murray ·

1 year ago

Please allow me to introduce myself

John Ballem💻(jballem.com) ·   · I put this video together a few years ago. It highlights some web creative I delivered during my time with Shaw, Cadillac Fairview and RBC. Tools I've used include PowerPoint, Canva and Photoshop. · Keeping your team informed and engaged is crucial to the success of your busi ...

3 years ago

Do you want a discount?

Royce Shook · The following is from a number of websites that offer seniors an opportunity to find out what discounts they have. I am listing some available in Canada and a link to a couple of pages where you can find more information. If you are not in Canada, I suggest a Google search Senior ...

4 years ago

Moments — who says the universe doesn't have a sense of humour

Graham🐝 Edwards · I looked at my calendar for the week and was struck by two appointments I had on Wednesday and Thursday — I even mentioned it to a friend who just laughed. I’m still wrestling with whether it’s funny or just ironic; either way “someone” has a sense of humour. · On Wednesday I hav ...

4 years ago

XD Innovation | PLM Talks| My Retail Theater by 3DEXPERIENCE

stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador · Every Friday or Wednesday we organize Free PLM talks online & webcasts on-demand · My Operations · My Operations is Dassault Systèmes' solution for end-to-end operations optimization, from demand to delivery. Tailored to the Consumer Goods and Retail industry, My Operations provi ...

5 years ago

Project Poem

Royce Shook · Robert Lee Brewer has a poetry page and every Wednesday he posts a Wednesday Poetry Prompt! On May 3rd his prompt was to write a project poem. He said, “there are so many possible projects: write a book; plant a garden; train for a marathon; build a life-size Godzilla out of ice ...

5 years ago

How to Avoid the Invisible Headache

Paul "Pablo" Croubalian · They say, "Every cloud has a silver lining." That's obviously false. Cumulus clouds are the big white puffy ones that look like angels sleeping all cuddled up. They have no lining at all unless it's more angels cuddling.  · Still, the expression has merit. Take last Wednesday for ...

5 years ago

Working longer could increase pension payouts.

Royce Shook · Japan recently took an interesting step when dealing with its ageing population. The · Japanese government policy on the elderly released Wednesday, January 17, said people should be allowed to delay the age they start receiving public pensions, to over 70, with the government ho ...

6 years ago

Perception isn't the only thing that commands reality...

Graham🐝 Edwards · I will go out on a limb and assume almost everyone has heard the saying "Perception is reality". · Simply put, this reminds us that the reality of something can be highly influenced by people's perceptions, and that reality is more than just something absolute — Sure perception a ...

6 years ago

"A deadline is a deadline... so get it done".

Graham🐝 Edwards · This post is a "redux" but no less poignant because I gave myself a deadline for today to post something. · Since I began blogging, I have been able to post twice a week every Wednesday and Sunday without fail. That was until this week came along... this week is the first time I ...

6 years ago

Women and Retirement planning

Royce Shook · The life expectancy of women exceeds that of men so imagine going from making $2000-plus per month to receiving a check on the second Wednesday of the month that resembles the cost of your mortgage? If they're lucky, they have a husband who is still living and receiving a check a ...

6 years ago

It is Time To Change...Decisions are the Keys !

stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador · Don't let your job... KILL your dream! · Here is a screensaver I would like to think about. · It’s not going to be easy, you can’t afford to wake up on a Tuesday and expect to be rich on Wednesday. But it doesn’t take any more effort than going to a job that you hate. · You may n ...

6 years ago

The first one through the wall...

Graham🐝 Edwards · I heard this said in a movie* once. · "The first one through the wall always gets bloody..."This refers to the simple fact that when you are the first one to try something, run counter to what is currently accepted, or simply want to try to do something different, it can sometime ...

7 years ago

Making the Most of Accountability Partners

Chris Spurvey · 5 principles to get the most out of the experience · This past Sunday I wrote in my newsletter about an experience I had recently while in discussion with my accountability partner, Mark W. Guay. Mark and I talk for a half hour every Wednesday evening. We discuss what is working ...

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    Conseiller en exploitation

    Found in: Talent CA - 1 week ago

    Sephora Montreal, Canada

    Nom du lieu de travail:QC-Rockland (0568) · Identifiant de la demande: 217887 · Nom/numéro du magasin: QC-Rockland (0568) · Adresse: 2305 Chemin Rockland, Montreal, QC H3P 3E9, Canada (CA) · Type d'emploi: Temps partiel · Type de poste: Permanent · Le conseiller de l'exploitation ...

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    Structural Engineer

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    Engineers and Geoscientists BC Ontario, Canada

    Location: North Bay or Sudbury, ON, or Vancouver, British Columbia Structural Engineer · Reports to: Lead Discipline Engineer - Structural · Job Type: Full-Time, Permanent, 40HRs/WK · Location: Vancouver, BC / North Bay, ON / Sudbury, ON · Date Posted: April 6, 2023 · A ...

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    E-Retail Media Manager

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    L'Oréal Montréal, QC, Canada

    Veuillez postuler sur : · As the L'Oréal e-retail media manager, you'll be developing & piloting retail media strategy & practice of beauty leading brands, including e-retail marketplaces/media activations , with a view on Search & Programmatic to maximize our visibility and ...

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