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9 months ago

Why We Hate Your Commercials.

Robert Cormack · And our dogs do, too. · “Tell them, tell them what you told them, tell them again.” Winston Churchill · I hate this quote. I wonder if Churchill even said it. He probably read it on a washroom wall at Whitehall. People write all sorts of things there. None of it is terribly cleve ...

1 year ago

Having A Cold During The Pandemic.

Robert Cormack · It ain't easy. · As anyone will tell you, colds aren’t allowed during pandemics. It’s like having acne during a smallpox outbreak. One innocent cough or sneeze can cause a stampede. I don’t mean just any stampede. I’m talking about the kind we saw when The Beatles came to America ...

3 years ago

MisAdventures in Mid-Life Dating, the Male View: The Ambush

Paul "Pablo" Croubalian · I think my re-entry into the dating world would make a good sitcom. Or maybe it would make a better slapstick comedy routine.  · Then again, sometimes it looks more like a Shakespearean tragedy except that there have been no deaths. · Yet. . . · The Ambush · Wendy has been a frie ...

5 years ago

Leveraging a "Short Memory"...

Graham🐝 Edwards · I just finished reading a blog post by Wendy Nolan entitled "What's your Finish Strategy?"; I found it thought provoking and after a little while, also found it took me down memory lane... always a grand place to go. · I once knew a senior leader whose fundamental philosophy was ...

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