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Lead I - Software Engineering (BB-8024E)

Found in: Neuvoo CA

Job Description

Role Proficiency:

Act creatively to develop applications and select appropriate technical options optimizing application development maintenance and performance by employing design patterns and reusing proven solutions account for others' developmental activities


  • Interpret the application/feature/component design to develop the same in accordance with specifications.
  • Code debug test document and communicate product/component/feature development stages.
  • Validate results with user representatives; integrates and commissions the overall solution
  • Select appropriate technical options for development such as reusing improving or reconfiguration of existing components or creating own solutions
  • Optimises efficiency cost and quality.
  • Influence and improve customer satisfaction
  • Set FAST goals for self/team; provide feedback to FAST goals of team members
  • Measures of Outcomes:

  • Adherence to engineering process and standards (coding standards)
  • Adherence to project schedule / timelines
  • Number of technical issues uncovered during the execution of the project
  • Number of defects in the code
  • Number of defects post delivery
  • Number of non compliance issues
  • On time completion of mandatory compliance trainings
  • Outputs Expected:


  • Code as per design
  • Follow coding standards templates and checklists
  • Review code – for team and peers
  • Documentation:

  • Create/review templates checklists guidelines standards for design/process/development
  • Create/review deliverable documents. Design documentation r and requirements test cases/results
  • Configure:

  • Define and govern configuration management plan
  • Ensure compliance from the team
  • Test:

  • Review and create unit test cases scenarios and execution
  • Review test plan created by testing team
  • Provide clarifications to the testing team
  • Domain relevance:

  • Advise Software Developers on design and development of features and components with a deep understanding of the business problem being addressed for the client.
  • Learn more about the customer domain identifying opportunities to provide valuable addition to customers
  • Complete relevant domain certifications
  • Manage Project:

  • Manage delivery of modules and/or manage user stories
  • Manage Defects:

  • Perform defect RCA and mitigation
  • Identify defect trends and take proactive measures to improve quality
  • Estimate:

  • Create and provide input for effort estimation for projects
  • Manage knowledge:

  • Consume and contribute to project related documents share point libraries and client universities
  • Review the reusable documents created by the team
  • Release:

  • Execute and monitor release process
  • Design:

  • Contribute to creation of design (HLD LLD SAD)/architecture for Applications/Features/Business Components/Data Models
  • Interface with Customer:

  • Clarify requirements and provide guidance to development team
  • Present design options to customers
  • Conduct product demos
  • Manage Team:

  • Set FAST goals and provide feedback
  • Understand aspirations of team members and provide guidance opportunities etc
  • Ensure team is engaged in project
  • Certifications:

  • Take relevant domain/technology certification
  • Skill Examples:

  • Explain and communicate the design / development to the customer
  • Perform and evaluate test results against product specifications
  • Break down complex problems into logical components
  • Develop user interfaces business software components
  • Use data models
  • Estimate time and effort required for developing / debugging features / components
  • Perform and evaluate test in the customer or target environment
  • Make quick decisions on technical/project related challenges
  • Manage a Team mentor and handle people related issues in team
  • Maintain high motivation levels and positive dynamics in the team.
  • Interface with other teams designers and other parallel practices
  • Set goals for self and team. Provide feedback to team members
  • Create and articulate impactful technical presentations
  • Follow high level of business etiquette in emails and other business communication
  • Drive conference calls with customers addressing customer questions
  • Proactively ask for and offer help
  • Ability to work under pressure determine dependencies risks facilitate planning; handling multiple tasks.
  • Build confidence with customers by meeting the deliverables on time with quality.
  • Estimate time and effort resources required for developing / debugging features / components
  • Make on appropriate utilization of Software / Hardware’s.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Knowledge Examples:

    Knowledge Examples

  • Appropriate software programs / modules
  • Functional and technical designing
  • Programming languages – proficient in multiple skill clusters
  • DBMS
  • Operating Systems and software platforms
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Agile – Scrum or Kanban Methods
  • Integrated development environment (IDE)
  • Rapid application development (RAD)
  • Modelling technology and languages
  • Interface definition languages (IDL)
  • Knowledge of customer domain and deep understanding of sub domain where problem is solved
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